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‘Ludo’ Movie Review

Reviewed by: Namita Tribhuwan   Ludo is a multi-narrative movie with a perception that talks about karma and dharma. The first half of the movie revolves...

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Abhay Episode 2 Review – Finally A Raw Cop-thriller Worth Watching

One after the other, ZEE5 is giving us quality web series’. I personally feel that among all the Indian OTT platforms, ZEE5 has the...

Expiry Date ZEE5 Review – An Intriguing Tale of Twists & Turns

  We were checking out the upcoming trailers last month and came across the trailer of ZEE5’s upcoming crime-thriller, Expiry Date. Right off the bat,...

‘Date With Saie’ Trailer Review: A Date That You Can’t Afford To Miss

All in all, it seems that this latest Marathi web series highlights and capitalizes on a common but ignored aspect of modern society. It also shows us the other side of being famous – how brutal and terrifying it can be to be a celebrity.

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So, if you want to watch some power-pack performances go watch Tandav and its picture of the current Indian socio-political landscape.

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Reviewed By: Arsalan Altaf Soomro So, I am on the MCU rewatch marathon and just rechecked my favourite movie from their collection, Iron Man -...

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Going into this movie, I was really skeptical and even a bit scared considering almost everyone who's reviewed this movie has praised it. Let me tell you that it did not disappoint.

Maara Tamil Movie Review – Prime Video

Comparisons are inevitable yet Maara is the wiser one with regrets and goals!