Simmba – Movie Review

Simmba – Yet Another OTT Filmy Movie

Rohit Shetty yet again brings us an over the top filmy movie with the charming and witty Ranveer Singh in the title role #Simmba. Multi starrer and the many extras in the fight and dance sequences is typical of a Shetty film.

Once again Ranveer proves his versatility with his acting skill and accents. Sara Ali Khan is totally under utilised as Shagun and seems to be full of potential in both acting and dancing talent and her sense of couture is bang on.

Sonu Sood as the villain is almost human until his younger brothers go overboard with their greed and egos. Ashutosh Rana and Ranveer’s bond and emotional scenes are pretty much the highlight.

Thumping Signature Tunes

Signature tunes are thumping but the music doesn’t make an impact neither does bringing K’Jo or the star cast of Golmaal into a song sequence. The social message is strong, especially the much needed ‘Teach your sons to respect women’ and ‘Instead of girls parents, it’s the rapists who should be frightened’.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

Extorsion, encounters and herd mentality is pictured well but two wrongs do not make a right. Showing the lawmakers break laws in the final act doesn’t sit right and that’s not a solution to bringing justice to rape victims.

Bringing in Singham was not at all a surprise but adding a preview of Akshay in forthcoming Sooryavanshi sure is.

3 Stars Exclusively For Ranveer!

Reviewed By: Shyamala Nawab

Image Source: Simmba Official Facebook Page

Kaatru Veliyidai – Movie Review

I am not a Tamilian but I wish I knew Tamil language. The moment I came across Kaatru Veliyidai trailer, I felt a spark to watch the movie. Luckily, I found it on Amazon Prime and managed to watch it with English subtitles.

Kaatru Veliyidai means ’till the last breath’. The movie is set in Kashmir during the Kargil war of late 1990s, where Varun (Karthi), an Indian Air Force officer reminisces his love with Dr. Leela (Aditi Rao Hydari) as a prisoner is a Pakistani jail. Varun is young, charismatic, and wanna be Air Force pilot with a messed up childhood and emotional baggage of griefs, anguish, and self acknowledging fears.

Due to this he quits on people even before they quit on him. Dr. Leela is an astonishingly beautiful looking doctor who falls in love with Varun. They set on a picturesque journey of beautiful tale of love.

Acting, Direction and Music

The movie is directed, written, and produced by the famed Mani Ratnam and the music is composed by A.R. Rehman popularly called as the Mozart of Madras in the Southern film industry. Needless to say they are a brilliant combination. To my surprise, the movie had a Punjabi song as well.

Both Varun and Aditi will spell bound you with their on screen appearance and chemistry. They look so promising in their characters. Would recommend everyone to watch it for once.

Reviewed By: Priyanka Bhateja Walia

‘Date With Saie’ Trailer Review: A Date That You Can’t Afford To Miss

The trailer of ZEE5’s much awaited Marathi original web series “Date With Saie” is out. The intriguing web series stars the renowned Marathi actress Sai Tamhankar in the lead role along with Rohit Kokate. The rest of the cast too is impressive and includes some of the known and upcoming faces of the Marathi television and film industry. The web series is directed by Dnyanesh Zoting, who earlier this year gave us Raakshas–a super hit Marathi fantasy thriller movie, and is produced by Potadi Entertainment’s Nikhil Sheth. Date With Saie consists of nine webisodes of around 22 minutes each. 

According to the synopsis mentioned on the OTT platform, Date With Saie is a thriller that revolves around the life of Sai Tamhankar who stars as a fictional version of herself. Eventually, she figures that she is being stalked by a fan played by Rohit Kokate. The fan wants to shoot a film on her and is ready to go to any limits to achieve this. Things at first seem normal to Saie, but as she explores more about this fan tension, fear and insecurity grip her.

Sai Tamhankar in Date With Saie

Sai Tamhankar in Date With Saie

Date With Saie Trailer Review: My Observation

The trailer gives us ample idea about what we are going to see in this Marathi web series – there is suspense, betrayal, fear and a whole lot of thrills.

In the trailer, a person introducing himself as the Chairman of Bank of Singapore (Mr. Himanshu) approaches Saie with an offer that somehow she can’t reject. It is a role in his dream movie which is going to be directed by him. But unknown to her, he wants to give his film a realistic touch and installs secret cameras in her house.

By the time Saie realises what is happening, things begin to get really twisted. Thus, Saie’s struggle to get rid of this dangerous situation begins.

What makes Date With Saie different?

We hear and know about stalking, be it through news reports or personal experiences. But, what we don’t realise is the fact that how this can lead to the destruction of someone’s life and privacy. With the advent of technology, it has become easy for stalkers to pick their target and ruin their lives. Dnyanesh Zoting’s Marathi web series revolves around this whole scenario in a spine-chilling fashion.

Apart from the intense premise, here are some more reasons to watch Date With Saie:

  1. This series has made Saie, the first and only celebrity in the Marathi industry to have a web series where she plays herself.
  2. Many big faces of Marathi cinema industry will be seen playing ‘crucial’ roles in the series such as Amey Wagh, Siddharth Chandekar, Lalit Prabhakar, Parna Pethe, Shreya Bugade, Girija Oak Godbole and Pooja Thombre.
  3. The impeccable direction of Dnyanesh Zoting, who efficiently delivers a story worth watching and pondering.
  4. The series has some crackling sequences and offer plenty of suspense with great background score.

My Verdict:

All in all, it seems that this latest Marathi web series highlights and capitalizes on a common but ignored aspect of modern society. It also shows us the other side of being famous – how brutal and terrifying it can be to be a celebrity.

Stay tuned to The World of Movies for my full review of the web series soon!

Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad

Aquaman Movie Review – A Fabulously Irresistible Underwater Treat

The world knows about the lost city of “Atlantis”, but there are a few who believe in the story. For majority, Atlantis is a myth, a legend or even a part of Greek mythology. Aquaman movie tells about the life underwater and how the Atlanteans survived a disaster centuries ago to become masters of life under water. They even possess ground-breaking technologies that we ‘surface dwellers’ cannot even dream of.

The movie reveals the underwater world–there exist a whole civilization–unknown to humans comprising various creatures including the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans seek to rise again under the ambitious King Orm as he seeks to form an alliance of all seven kingdoms of the underwater world to wage war against the surface world. Of course, he has a valid reason for his ambition that I will not reveal here! The seven kingdoms of the underwater world miss a true king. A king who could unite the two worlds–surface and underwater. A King who would not just be a King, but much more than that– a HERO!

Aquaman Storyline

A lighthouse keeper, Thoman Curry rescues Atlanna (Nicole Kidman, a princess of Atlantis) in Maine. She fled from her kingdom to avoid a forced arranged marriage. Love blooms between the two and Atlanna gives birth to a boy–half human, half Atlantean–but a full King. The boy is named Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and possesses powers that are greater than that of any underwater being or any human. Atlanna is attacked by the elite force of Atlantis and had to leave her family behind for the safely of her child.

Arthur grows up without his Mom, but with the help of Vulko (Vizier of Atlantis, a loyal servant of Atlanna) learns everything he should being an Atlantean. Despite persuasions from Vulko, Arthur is not ready to go to Atlantis and claim his rightful place, especially after learning that his mother was executed by her husband for giving birth to him. But life has a way of bringing people together and one day, Arthur Curry who is now known as “Aquaman” to the surface world decides to go to Atlantis.

Here he meets his step-brother Orm, who thinks of him as an abomination and wants to kill him at any cost. Orm challenges Aquaman for a one on one duel to decide who will take the throne of Atlantis. Arthur is defeated with his trident (originally belonging to Atlanna) broken. But, defying the ancient sacred laws of the underwater, Princes Mera (Amber Heard) saves him and they both flee Atlantis in a vessel. Infuriated at Mera (his fiancée), Orm orders to bring both of them for punishment.

Mera and Arthur deciphers an ancient message of King Atlan (the first and most powerful King of Atlantis) in the Sahara desert that tells the only way to rule Atlantis unchallenged is by possessing the “Trident of Atlan”. But to get this trident, Arthur and Mera must journey beyond the edge of the world to the hidden sea. They are attacked by Black Manta and elite Atlantis force on their way to find the hidden sea. Upon reaching the hidden sea, they encounter some of the most nefarious creatures they could think of.

As Arthur reaches close to the lost trident, another obstacle blocks him in the form of “Karathen” (world’s most dangerous sea creature, who is protecting the trident from the false kings since centuries). As we expect, after a brief duel with the creature, Arthur retrieves the trident and becomes the true King. With Mera by his side and Karathen subservient to him, Arthur defeats Orm and saves the two worlds. As Arthur ascends to the throne of Atlantis he says:

“I am a Son of the Land, a King of the Seas and the Protector of the Deep”, I am Aquaman

My Verdict and Rating of Aquaman Movie

After the success of Wonder Woman and Justice League, DC has once again given its followers and regular moviegoers a great movie to watch that fulfills all the criteria of entertaining cinema. I am giving 10/10 to Aquaman movie with no doubts in my mind.

The reason I loved Aquaman was because it performed outstandingly well on many fronts. The special effects are phenomenal and captivating; the whole underwater world that we have not seen in any movie so far is just majestic; the costumes and weapons are great and pleasing to eyes; the casting is immaculate, none of the character seems out of place; and most importantly the content is really good, in fact, it has an underlying social and environmental message in it. Special mention for the director, James Wan, for making such a great movie with excellent cinematography, VFX effects and unmatched action sequences.

I am suggesting to book your tickets ASAP and go enjoy this underwater cinematic delight with your friends and family. I suggest to try it in IMAX 3D for an unbelievable experience.

You can read more about Jason Momoa and his life Here

Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad

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