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Dia – 2020 Kannada Movie Review


One of the major reasons I am writing this review is that I want the world to know that Indian cinema is much more than the world-famed Bollywood. This was my first-ever Kannada (Sandalwood) movie and I can’t express how happy and satisfied I am after watching this cinematic masterpiece. Well, you may think that I am going a bit overboard in my glorification of ‘Dia’ movie, so without further ado, let’s jump to my review.


After watching Dia you will feel like recommending this movie to others. The reason is simple: It touches your soul and reaches to your heart. 

Kushi Ravi as Dia has given an stellar performance.
Kushi Ravi as Dia has given an stellar performance.

The Story-line


Dia Swaroop is an introvert girl and like many other Indian girls, she too believes in true love and love at first sight. She falls in love with Rohit (Dheekshith), who seems to be oblivious of this fact. She tries hard to make her feelings known to Rohit but unfortunately couldn’t as Rohit leaves college for higher studies in South Korea. 


A couple of years later, their paths cross each other again in Mumbai. This time Dia is shocked to learn that Rohit too is in love with her. As they start dating and things seem to go their way, an unfortunate accident takes place leaving Dia severely injured and Rohit dead.


After this life-shattering incident, Dia’s father sends her to his sister to recover. But Dia is unable to let go of memories of Rohit. She meets Adi (Pruthvi Amber), a happy go lucky lad with a golden heart. Adi not only helps Dia recover from the loss of Rohit but they both end up falling in love too. 


Once again, life’s cruelty strikes Dia as she gets to know that Rohit didn’t die rather was brain dead. To save her daughter’s future, Dia’s father took the decision to not tell her about Rohit. As Rohit gets fully fit, the families decide to get the two lovebirds married. On the other hand, Adi is extremely happy to have Dia’s love. Dia is torn between her first love and the love for the person who gave her a new life.


The rest you can find out yourself as Dia is available on Amazon Prime Video with English subtitles. 

Kushi Ravi & Pruthvi Ambaar's chemistry is the high point in Dia movie.
Kushi Ravi & Pruthvi Ambaar’s chemistry is the high point in Dia movie.

Dia Movie Review


I have watched over 1,000 movies so far in my life (believe me, 1,078 to be precise), and whenever something like Dia comes up it makes me think one thing: have I really seen it all on the big screen? The answer obviously is: No. Whenever you are under the impression that there’s nothing left for the storytellers to tell. Here comes a movie like Dia. Normally, there are numerous movies, where you know the movie will end now or you can guess what the climax is going to be. This is not the case with this film. The director has kept the ending open to your interpretation. It’s up to the audience to decide what would happen to Dia Swaroop? Would she return back to Rohit? Or She would try to end her life as she did once? 


Any of this is possible, isn’t it?


Well, I have a totally different interpretation. I strongly believe that she will again live an empty life without true love. On the other hand, Rohit too would suffer after losing Dia. We can say that all three characters wanted each other to be happy with them or without them. But destiny had other plans for all of them. This is life: full of surprises and miracles as well as full of problems and pains!


“In the end, it is not always a happy ending.”


I am giving Dia 10 out of 10 for brilliant storytelling, great acting, wonderful direction, and soul-stirring background score.


The World of Movies Rating 10/10


Movie Title: Dia

Directed & Written by: K S Ashoka

Main Cast: Kushi Ravi as Dia, Pruthvi Ambaar as Adi, Dheekshith Shetty as Rohit

Year of Release: 2020

Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy

Country of Origin: India (Sandalwood)

Languages: Kannada

Running time: 137 minutes

Production Company: Sri Swarnalatha Productions

Distributed by: KRG Studios



Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

 Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad

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