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18th Pune International Film Festival 2020 – World Competition Movies

List of movies that were part of the World Competition category in the 18th Pune International Film Festival 2020.

About Endlessness Movie Review

To be frank, except at a couple of places, I am largely disappointed with this film. Giving strong messages in short scenes of 2-4 minutes may work for the European audience. But as far as the Indian audience is concerned, I don't feel the same. I am giving About Endlessness 7 out of 10. I only recommend this film to those who have a real penchant for European or Scandinavian cinema. The kind of humor and other elements present in the film may not be comprehensible for all kinds of audiences.

The End of Love – Movie Review

The emotional relationship portrayed between the toddler son and his single father is just a painful delight to watch......

Urumi – Movie Review

The movie takes up a very complex issue that the "Vasco-da-gama" now a world-famed explorer was really an "explorer or something more than that"......