Sethum Aayiram Pon 2019 Tamil Movie Review

Suggest that you do not watch the movie alone as it can be a little depressive. Company will want to make you laugh out loud at the jokes, sides and nuances throughout the movie.
Watch out for “What the Bug” in the last 20 minutes when the duo return from an evening out.

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“The Sky Is Pink” Movie Review

The Sky Is Pink gets a 10/10.. begins with ‘The End’ and takes you back through 25 years with a middle class Indian family. It revolves around over before and after an ill child. While you are still thinking about abortion being right or not, you start figuring out post death memories.

There are cute moments, cloying moments, and moments you want to just stay in. There are times you pray for the Chaudhrys then there are times you identify with their lives, compare yours to sneaking your friend into the house, feeling jealous when Niren is enjoying some attention from another woman and so many others.. then quickly you send up a small prayer for all things good in your life.

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