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Overlooked Gems: Bad Times at the El Royale – Movie Review

  7 Strangers, 7 Secrets, All Roads Lead Here Bad Times at the El Royale was directed by Drew Goddard and stars Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo,...

Class of 83 – Netflix 2020 Movie Review

The film just does not catch your attention as the flashbacks make it difficult to understand, where the plot is leading. The film had a lot of potential in its storyline, but it feels unmistakably inert. I am giving it 07 out of 10.

Project Power – 2020 Netflix Original Movie Review

People in love with the Sci-fi genre won’t feel disappointed. However, if you are expecting to watch another Avengers or X-Men kind of stuff then you all are chasing a mirage in the desert.

Raat Akeli Hai 2020 Netflix Movie Review

The storyline keeps you guessing and just as you think you have figured it all and up pops another clue!