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Born on 3rd January 1989 in Aligarh, India. I have completed my Masters degree in Communication Studies. I believe "Cinema" is a very powerful tool to communicate with masses across the world. World Cinema is something that keeps me going!

Emma – 2020 Movie Review

Going into this movie, I was really skeptical and even a bit scared considering almost everyone who's reviewed this movie has praised it. Let me tell you that it did not disappoint.

Maara Tamil Movie Review – Prime Video

Comparisons are inevitable yet Maara is the wiser one with regrets and goals!

Top 5 Netflix, ALT Balaji, TVF Play Web Series To Rewatch In 2021

As we have entered the first week of 2021, we thought of coming up with a list of “Top 5 Netflix, ALT Balaji, & TVFPlay Web Series  that you can rewatch in 2021

‘Ludo’ Movie Review

Reviewed by: Namita Tribhuwan   Ludo is a multi-narrative movie with a perception that talks about karma and dharma. The first half of the movie revolves...

Kill Bill: Volume 1 – Honest Movie Review

I already have said, my complaint is more with it's lackluster endeavor of being cool. If it was dank, cool and filled with awesome screenplay, I would have loved it more. It is avoidable too, if you want to.

The Queen’s Gambit | Miniseries Review | Netflix

The tale of Beth Harmon is again an evidence that acceptance and appreciation changes everything. The game Harmon loves the most, finally decides to take her in its fold and pay her back in style.

The Wild Goose Lake – 2020 Movie Review

The Wild Goose Lake is the latest addition to the neo noir genre with its exquisite neon lighting, meticulously designed visuals and a plot that takes the world "unpredictable" to new heights.

Children of Heaven Review

Children of Heaven came out in 1997 and was directed by the Iranian famed director Majid Majidi. Often recognized as one of the finest...

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