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Born on 3rd January 1989 in Aligarh, India. I have completed my Masters degree in Communication Studies. I believe "Cinema" is a very powerful tool to communicate with masses across the world. World Cinema is something that keeps me going!

Overlooked Gems: Bad Times at the El Royale – Movie Review

  7 Strangers, 7 Secrets, All Roads Lead Here Bad Times at the El Royale was directed by Drew Goddard and stars Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo,...

Barry Lyndon 1975 Movie: An In-depth Review

In the end I'll say that Barry Lyndon is one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s one of the few movies that I consider to be perfect. However, the movie is quite slow paced like the rest of Kubrick's work so it might not be for everybody.

Tiki Taka – 2020 ZEE5 Movie Review

We are rating Tiki Taka 07 out of 10. The film is definitely not a blockbuster but still a decent one time watch stuff. The direction is good, acting is above average, and the music too is good enough for our liking.

Defiance – 2008 Movie Review

A war film, shot beautifully with a stellar cast, led by Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber, Defiance 2008 movie narrates the true story of the Bielski brothers, who led a group of Jews into the forest and saved them from extermination by the German forces.

Abhay Season 2 – ZEE 5 Web Series Review

  Our beloved cop hero Abhay Pratap Singh is back, testing his limits again trying to overcome bigger and newer challenges. He is still his...

Class of 83 – Netflix 2020 Movie Review

The film just does not catch your attention as the flashbacks make it difficult to understand, where the plot is leading. The film had a lot of potential in its storyline, but it feels unmistakably inert. I am giving it 07 out of 10.

Churails Review ZEE5

A must match web series. I feel pity for those who haven't watched it yet but easily passing comments “how the show is looking cringe, shit, feminist, and some more nonsense.”

Helen 2019 Malayalam Movie Review

In a simple story of a simple life there's a twist that will keep you frozen, it's a thriller after all!

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