The Accidental Prime Minister – Movie Review

I don’t know much about the real life Sanjaya Baru but after Anupam Kher, Akshay Khanna stole the show. He was stupendous. Loved his character as well as performance. Irrespective of what you feel for the Congress government, you are bound to feel sorry for our ex-PM, who was used and exploited during his two tenures. Most of us know he was never a politician but this movie gives a closer look at his plight and your heart goes to him and his wife. 

If you have any interest in Indian politics, you must watch it!

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Kabir Singh Movie Review

A new age, dark movie. So bold that it had me frowning. So well made that it had me cheering and so exceptional that it had me loving the flawed hero who doesn’t deserve or expect attention. The feminist in me did balk at the heroine, Kiara Advani, being taken for granted but it worked under the guise of med school ragging. I definitely expected a more glamorous lead actress and equally surprised at the subtle outfits and makeup of all the actors, art movie style subtlety.

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Ishaan Khattar Wins His First Filmfare: Facts About The Heartthrob

He came, he acted, and he conquered the audience! This is how I would describe the latest Bollywood heartthrob, Ishaan Khattar. From getting inclined towards dance at a very young age to acting in what is said to be the most romantic movie of 2018 – Dhadak, Ishaan Khattar is not just another new face in Bollywood. With the movie being available on ZEE5, fans can catch Dhadak full movie as many times as they want.

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