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Enola Holmes Review – A Netflix Original Movie

  Feminism, the Sherlock Holmes way.   A delightful film and a spin off from the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, this movie is about Enola Holmes, the teen...

Netflix Best Original TV Series Review: Stranger Things – Season 1

By Namita Tribhuwan: Based in Indiana, in 1983, a teen Will disappears and the search for him starts by his best friend Mike and his...

Class of 83 – Netflix 2020 Movie Review

The film just does not catch your attention as the flashbacks make it difficult to understand, where the plot is leading. The film had a lot of potential in its storyline, but it feels unmistakably inert. I am giving it 07 out of 10.

Project Power – 2020 Netflix Original Movie Review

People in love with the Sci-fi genre won’t feel disappointed. However, if you are expecting to watch another Avengers or X-Men kind of stuff then you all are chasing a mirage in the desert.