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Churails Review ZEE5

Let me shoutout to my second favorite Pakistani Director, Asim Abbasi. One word for him FANTABULOUS. What a piece of art and direction in one go. Some of those room scenes were amazing and yes, I was expecting direction like Cake but he put some Pakistanti direction bars to the next level.


It’s a request for anti-feminism to not to watch this cause trust me it’s not FEMINISTS at all. Only the first two episodes somehow manage to showcase them but game changes after Episode 3. And I think that they’ve portrayed every character so nicely. Not overly performances and it was well balanced IMO. The web series has shown some real-life ground realities, which we amazingly ignored most of the time. Setting fake examples for a perfect family, lies coming out of everybody’s mouth, fighting for their identity.


Churails web series represented some BOLD moves (LBGT) which I don’t think can be settled or produced on Pakistani platforms (sorry to say). Best decision to make that happened in India’s platform kyun kay our so called liberal ki jal jaegi isko dekhnay kay baad.


Olalala! Let me tell you that it has so many great cameos and you might get a little excited to watch them like this (Just like me). Music was great and it made sense with the scenes.

A scene from 2020 Pakistani Web Series Churails
A scene from 2020 Pakistani Web Series Churails

This is some Netflix stuff IMO. A game-changer for Pakistan’s production houses.


It’s sad that all the money will be going in India’s pocket cause we are less human to promote such content here and I feel so bad for us. Matlab bhai jan acceptance ki aadat he nahi aur meri nazar mai DESI culture behtreen dikhaya hai aur aurton ki ghaltiya bhi.


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A must match web series. I feel pity for those who haven’t watched it yet but easily passing comments “how the show is looking cringe, shit, feminist, and some more nonsense.”

Ummm, there is no need to add dialogue like “hand job and sahi se lele.” Bhai sab sahi chal raha tha forced dialogues ki zarurat nai thi na he gaaliyon ki.


I LOVED MEHAR BANO AND YASRA RIZVI’s performances. Damn girls!!! And that poetry. Oufff


We speak much but do less.


The World of Movies Rating – 8/10



Title: Churails

Season: 01

Year of Release: 2020

Directed & Written by: Asim Abbasi

Cast Members: Sarwat Gilani as Sara, Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu, Nimra Bucha  as Batool, Mehar Bano as Zubaida, Meher Jaffri as Churail, Omair Rana as Jameel, Adnan Malik as KK

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Web Series, TV Series

Number of Seasons: 01

Number of Episodes: 10

Episode Length: 48-75 minutes each

Distributed by: ZEE5

Production Companies: ZEE5


Images taken from Screenshots of Churails Web Series

Reviewed by: Rahima Imran Khairi

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