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Churails ZEE5 Web Series Review


Since I have started watching Pakistani dramas, I always wondered, why do people think that highlighting domestic abuse continuously in each and every drama unnecessarily is a thing which our writers and directors still support?


Domestic abuse is a serious crime but dragging it to that extent where seeing it becomes funny due to idiotic acting isn’t something to feel proud about as well.


I have noticed that almost each and every nation has a different mindset and whenever people ask me what is ACTUALLY the difference between Indians and Pakistanis, I reply “I don’t know about Indians but Pakistani mindset always influences you to destroy each other.”


Pakistani elitists consider the cultural dances, TV, Cinema as a shame and abomination and ‘desis’ would hop up to bash anything different from their mindset. So much for living under the slogan of unity. I always wanted a series which would point out both flaws in our mess of a country equally, now, if you are gonna ask me if ‘Churails’ did that? I would disagree. The whole series you can say was a little biased but I am actually glad about this bias-ness as it was against the elitist society of Pakistan.


How? See a lot of people claimed that the trailer seemed to cringe and pretentious and wannabes but Sarwat Gillani (Sarah), Yasra Rizvi (Jugnu), Adnan Malik (KK) and Omair Rana (Jameel) play the character of pretentious people surrounded by their pretentious families which call out, unfortunately, most of the elitist class in Pakistan.


The trailer doesn’t even tell us half about the series. It’s a huge distraction from the actual thing which can be taken in a good way.

  • Soundtracks and set designs are two of the most beautiful things in the series. Top-notch and perfect in every sense.
  • Cinematography is okay. Not something special but definitely a better step.
  • The direction is a bit off. I have to agree, It was a let down considering Asim Abbasi’s work in Cake (2018).


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Acting of main leads in order from worst to best


1- Mehar Bano (Zubaida):

I love her and her work but unfortunately I don’t think it was up to the mark in this one. Zubaida’s role wasn’t supposed to be cringe but while delivering some dialogues the way of saying it is too real when the dialogue doesn’t demand to be said in a real way. This is a huge disaster and unfortunately, it happens multiple times throughout the series but other than that her performance was good.


2- Yasra Rizvi (Jugnu):

I agree her character is annoying and will be annoying for the first half of the series because the women like her character are most of the time annoying and since Pakistan doesn’t see this sort of character, it might take a little time to adjust to her. She pulls a great performance in acting though and I would have given her a top spot if she wasn’t out of character sometimes.


Sarwat Gilani in Churails ZEE5 Web Series
Sarwat Gilani in Churails ZEE5 Web Series

3- Sarwat Gillani (Sarah):

The only difference between Yasra’s execution of Jugnu and Sarwat’s execution of Sarah is that Sarah is actually less cringy. Sarwat Gillani nailed this role and proceeding further down the series will get you even more hooked to her.


4- Nimra Bucha (Batool):

She nailed this. From the start to the end. The consistency, the delivery, and everything about this is extraordinary. All the other main leads seem to go from bad to good as the series progresses but her consistency of best performance makes you fall in love with her.

All the other characters have done their job well.


Churails Web Series Verdict & Rating


Now if you made it through the end, I left an unaddressed passage about why we don’t move from domestic abuse or rape topics? Well, that’s simply because our minds are chained. We can’t afford to listen to things out of the box if it’s against our mindset and nowadays everything which includes women means it’s feminist propaganda and our ‘unbiased’ minds would judge the series right off the bat and decide not to watch it.


I am not calling out anyone but please just think about this. The only thing this series includes which shouldn’t be offendable but are offendable in Pakistan is a discussion on homosexuality and pre-marital sex. They neither support it nor encourage it, they just mind their business which is a good step.


Please don’t let your inner frustration bash this series without even watching it.



The World of Movies Rating: 8.1/10


Title: Churails

Season: 01

Year of Release: 2020

Directed & Written by: Asim Abbasi

Cast Members: Sarwat Gilani as Sara, Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu, Nimra Bucha  as Batool, Mehar Bano as Zubaida, Meher Jaffri as Churail, Omair Rana as Jameel, Adnan Malik as KK

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Web Series, TV Series

Number of Seasons: 01

Number of Episodes: 10

Episode Length: 48-75 minutes each

Distributed by: ZEE5

Production Companies: ZEE5


Images taken from Screenshots of Churails Web Series

Reviewed by: Ahmad Atique


About Ahmad:

17 year old guy who gets a lot of Eidi and spends them on different subscriptions to watch different content.

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