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Expiry Date ZEE5 Review – An Intriguing Tale of Twists & Turns


We were checking out the upcoming trailers last month and came across the trailer of ZEE5’s upcoming crime-thriller, Expiry Date. Right off the bat, the series looked worth our while. The actors are good, direction is nice and the much needed background score too goes in sync with the requirement of the genre. So finally, once the series released on 2nd October, we started watching it and just finished it yesterday. And, here we are with our review of ZEE5’s #ExpiryDate. Let’s go…

Expiry Date Plot

Vishwa (Tony Luke) files a missing persons report for his beloved wife Disha (Sneha Ullal). He tells the police that she is missing after going to attend a wedding. Interestingly, the police tells him that another woman Sunitha (Madhu Shalini) has also filed a missing persons report about her husband, who too was there in the same wedding party.

A Scene From Expiry Date Web Series
A Scene From Expiry Date Web Series

We get to know that although being madly in love with Disha, Vishwa kills her because she was cheating on him. He also very intelligently covers his tracks to deceive the police in a perfect manner. But his foolproof plan goes haywire when he and Sunitha realize that there’s a third person who knows about their hidden truth. What follows next is something that you should watch for yourself on ZEE5. As per our custom, we are not going to blow it away for you here. 


Expiry Date is not just an entertaining murder mystery series, it also delivers a good social commentary on the concepts of love at first sight, infidelity, extra marital affair and mistrust. It shows us how seemingly good relations can be ruined in moments due to distrust and dishonesty.  


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Expiry Date Technicalities and Acting

This 10-episode web series is full of surprises right from the Pilot episode in more than one way. The storyline is good and the performances by all the characters support it. Talking about direction, Shankar Marthand​ has done a fairly decent job here. Most of the shots, be it long or close ups are crafted wonderfully and gives you the chills and thrills that you expect in a murder mystery series. Shankar K Marthand has already proved his mettle in Poga and Evaraina Eppudaina, with Expiry Date his stature notched up. One of the most important elements in thriller genre is music/background score, and we are happy to tell you that this web series has a good background score too. Obviously, it’s by no means the best in genre but definitely good enough to pack a punch.


Our Rating & Verdict On The Web Series

We are giving it 7.5 out of 10. Expiry Date is another crime thriller just like Abhay that you wouldn’t want to miss. Although no match to Abhay, Expiry Date is just good enough to binge watch on a lazy weekend afternoon. So, get ready to explore Vishwa and Disha’s #BuriedSecrets and Just a thing before we sign off here, the Hindi dubbing could have been better. Anyways, there’s always scope for improvement no matter how good you work.


The World of Movies Rating  –  7.5/10


Title: Expiry Date

Season: 01

Year of Release: 2020

Cast Members: Tony Luke as Vishwa, Sneha Ullal as Disha, Madhu Shalini as Sunitha, Ali Reza as Sunny, Jeniffer Piccinato as Monica

Genre: Thriller, Murder Mystery, Web Series, TV Series

Number of Episodes: 10

Episode Length: 30-36 minutes each

Distributed by: ZEE5

Production Companies: Northstar Entertainment


Images taken from screenshots of this TV Series

Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad & Afrose Shaikh

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  1. I am yet to complete the series- however its a good show till episode four. Finally I got a blog on the internet regarding the review about The Expiry Date. It’s a nice pleasant read about the review- Kudos to that


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