Serendipity – Movie Review

Movie: Serendipity                                                                       Release Year: 2001

Country of Origin: USA                                                              Language: English

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Serendipity Movie Review:

Can you fall in love with a stranger with whom you have spent just an evening? Well, for Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager, the answer is ‘YES’. Serendipity as the name suggests is a movie that is based on chance and destiny. Peter Chelsom’s direction is quite well and the film never seems dull throughout its 90 mins of running.

What I Liked About Serendipity?

There are some good sings in the movie that I enjoyed, and I am sure  anyone with a romantic taste would also enjoy the same. From cinematography point of view too, Serendipity is a nice movie to watch and enjoy. The story-line is not that ‘out of the world’ kind, but it is good enough to keep you engaged. In our lives at some stage or the other we all wish to get married or be in a relationship with someone whom we think is “made for us material” or “our soul mate”. However, very few people on this planet actually get that “true and destined love”.

Serendipity Movie Story-line:

The movie starts with two people meeting accidentally in a shop in New York. They both want to buy the same pair of gloves for their respective partners, but end up in taking one piece each. Sara, is a girl who believes in destiny and thinks that if something is ought to happen it will happen irrespective of our wish and efforts to avoid it. Jonathan on the other hand is a person who is very pragmatic in his approach towards life and believes that we can choose anything in our life as per our wish.

The same evening they spend some time with each other and soon develop a kind of magical attraction towards each other. Before they part ways, Jonathan asks Sara’s name, but she doesn’t replies and says, if they are meant to meet again they will meet again without having to know each other. She asks Jonathan to write his name and number on a $5 note and gives it to some shop keeper. Jonathan too insists her to do something like this, so Sara writes her name and number on a book and tells him to find this book on a used book store. Jonathan asks which one and she says you got to find this . Then they decide to wait for the next meeting till Jonathan gets that book and Sara gets that note.


Years pass by and it’s 2001, seven years since they met, Jonathan and Sara are living a happy life with their lovers whom they are going to get married soon. But, destiny has something else for both of them. Just days before they are about to settle in their lives with their partners, they both decide to give a one last chance to find each other. Sara comes to New York in search of that stranger whom she met in 1994. In this search, she is assisted by her friend Eve (Molly Shannon).

Jonathan too starts searching for Sara’s name and finally finds about her, but he lose hope when he discovers Sara’s sister making love to her boyfriend in Sara’s residence. He mistakenly thinks that it is Sara in the house and now it’s time to forget about her as she seems enjoying her life and it’s in his and his girlfriend’s interest to get married and settle down in New York. But, serendipity again happens as Sara finds the $5 bill. To learn what happens thereafter and how the  whole drama unfolds, I suggest you to watch it yourself.

My Favorite Characters of The Movie:

Jonathan Trager (John Cusack): John as Jonathan is looking great in this movie. Being on of the two central characters in the movie, John Cusack has performed it to perfection. He is looking very lively and his body language as well as acting is just fantastic. John has played many romantic roles in his life and the character of Jonathan Trager is certainly one to remember . His on-screen chemistry with Kate Beckinsale is worth watching as they both are looking beautiful together.

Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale): Kate as Sara is a real surprise package for me in Serendipity movie. I have become accustomed of watching Kate in leading role as a vampire in Underworld movie series. This is the first time, I am seen her in a romantic role and to my surprise she has is flawless in this film. She is looking very sweet and beautiful; and her body language as well as acting is great as you expect from her. Kate always delivers her best in any role she does and I am a huge fan of her. It’s very strange to believe that despite having such a sweet tone and a charming beautiful face why Kate Beckinsale has not done many romantic roles? May be because she is equally good in action roles that have turned her into the star that she is today.

My Rating and Verdict of This Movie:

I have rated it 9/10, because of it’s nice script and good, soothing music. The casting too is remarkable and everyone has given their best. Alan Silvestri’s heart-touching music gives a never to forget romantic feel to you!

Forget the logic behind this film and it’s story-line, just sit on your couch for one and a half hour and enjoy this nice romantic film. I am sure you will enjoy the every moment of it. If you have a longing for romantic movies, then Serendipity will be an absolute delight for you.

Moreover, if you are a fan of John Cusack or Kate Beckinsale like me, then don’t miss this flick, in my view this is among the best movies of both these stalwarts.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Movie Review

Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Year: 2002

Country of Origin: USA

Languages: English (Mainly), Greek (Few Dialogues)

Genre: Romance, Comedy


IMDB – 6.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 76%

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Movie Review:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a wonderfully written and well directed movie that is surely going to entertain you. It has a very simple and easy to understand plot and all the characters in the film seems very natural. This movie has a very nice Greek Taste to it and that makes it interesting to watch. In addition to the sweet story line My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s music/background score is also very appealing and it very nicely blended with the script. The music has a traditional or I must say ethnic Greek touch to it that is quite uncommon in North American movies. I really liked the music too much it is very rhythmic and melodious. Now coming to the story,  Fotoula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) is a 30 – year old unmarried woman who is fed up of her life. Her parents want to get her married with an ethnic Greek Boy, but Fotoula has some other ideas. Fotoula thinks that she is ugly or at least not at all good-looking, because of this complex she is not very confident and is very shy of people. Later on, in the film Fotoula changes her job and with that her look too and gets a newly found personality. The movie takes an interesting turn when she gets “emotionally” attracted and involved with a non-Greek guy named Ian Miller (John Corbett). Ian is a protestant and comes from a sophisticated upper middle class society. Now the rest of the movie revolves around this fact that how Ian’s and Fotoula’s families accept each other. There are a lot of funny sequences in the movie and ultimately it’s a “Happy Ending” one. The journey of Fotoula’s wedding is enjoyable to watch.

My Favorite Characters of The Movie:

Fotoula “Toula” Portokalos (Nia Vardalos): Nia Vardalos as Fotoula is wonderful in this movie, she is actually the writer too of this film. She has performed the role to perfection and it feels as if she this role was made for her. Her acting and face expressions are superb and she is without doubt the best part of this movie. She has looked gorgeous in the later half of the movie and her chemistry with John is really sweet to watch.

Kostas “Gus” Portokalos (Michael Constantine): Michael’s role in the movie is of a man who loves his family too much and at the same time he is very proud of his ethnic roots. His favorite dialogue is “Give me a word, any word, and I will show you how the root of that word is Greek”. He has portrayed the role of Mr. Portokalos very well. Initially, he is very upset with her daughter for choosing a non-Greek guy, but in the end he accepts him for the love of his daughter.

My Rating of This Movie:

I rated My Big Fat Greek Wedding 10 out of 10. For the reason, that it is an entertaining movie with nice story and some great music and above all wonderful acting by the cast. Everyone in the movie has given their best and that makes this movie a good to watch family film.

My Verdict of My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

Well, this movie has become a “sleeper hit” and once you watch it, you will understand for yourself. If, you are looking to watch a good and decent family movie then this is highly recommended one. You can enjoy it anytime and it will make your mood light. Nia Vardalos is just great to watch in it. And I really appreciate her efforts for writing this sweet romantic comedy. So, in my view you don’t need to think twice to watch this flick, just grab some snacks and be ready for an entertaining and joyful 95 mins ride.


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The Eagle – Movie Review

Movie: The Eagle

Year: 2011

Country of Origin: USA

Languages: English (Mainly), Gaelic Scottish (Few places)

Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure, History

The Eagle Movie Review:

After watching this movie, I have only one thing in mind, what if this could have been a little better? I am sure it would have become one of the top movies based on ROMAN EMPIRE. The Ninth Legion of the Roman Army has attracted considerable amount of interest from scholars as well as history lovers all across the planet. This movie too based on a Novel, talks about the lost EAGLE of the Ninth Legion in 2nd century A.D. Kevin Macdonald has really given us a treat to watch. For me and I am sure for those too who will watch this movie and who have watched already there is one “outstanding feature” of the movie to like. The music and background score of The Eagle is really “exceptional”.

Mr. Atli Örvarsson has given some great background scores in his career, but this one is really one of the best, if not the best he has ever composed. The music really feels like an integrated part of this movie and gives you an awesome feel about the movie. Now coming to the story line of this film, it tells the story of a man named Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) whose only aim in life is to bring back his family honor. Marcus’s father was leading the Ninth Legion which disappeared few years back along with the priced golden Eagle of the Roman Empire. The Eagle holds a very strong significance to the Empire and finding it back is something that will make the finder immortal in the history of Roman Empire. Marcus asks to be posted in Britannia and his wish is being granted, but soon after reaching Britain he is “severely” wounded in a raid by local people.

Marcus is then shifted to a distant place to his uncle played by Donald Sutherland. After few days he receives the news from Rome that due to his injury he is being discharged from this duty, upon hearing this news Marcus is shattered and here his journey for the Lost Eagle starts. He saves the life of a British slave named Esca (Jamie Bell) who later on becomes his partner in the quest for the Lost Eagle. The movie starts with a lot of promise and in the first 20 minutes you get the feel that it’s really going on to be an absolute masterpiece to watch, but as the movie progresses it losses its charm. It becomes a man’s quest to bring his family honor back. In the quest he is accompanied by a slave named Esca. The ever-changing relationship between these two characters is really worthy of watching. The movie also has some wonderful fighting scenes that are choreographed very well. In the end, I would say this is a good movie to watch, but after watching it you be left with a feeling of anxiety that it could be made better.

My Favorite Characters of The Movie:

Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum): He has looked good all through the movie, at times you feels that he is trying to give more than he is capable of. But, overall he has done justice to this character and his body language as well as dialogue delivery is appreciable. I have not seen many movies of Channing so can’t compare him with any of his other roles.

Esca (Jamie Bell): Jamie as Esca is the surprise package of The Eagle. He enters the movie in the 28-29th minute, but soon becomes an important part of it. Jamie has really performed the part of a slave as well as master (when he crosses Hadrian’s Wall) perfectly. I am really liked his acting and body language. His expressions are really good.

My Rating of The Movie:

I rated this film 8 out of 10. The main reason for this is that I really liked the music of this movie, at few places it is really breath-taking. The Eagle also has some nice fighting as well as emotional scenes. In addition to the lead characters, others too have given a fine performance in the movie. Specially, Mark Strong, Donald Sutherland and Tahar Rahim. Overall, this movie deserves this rating.

My Verdict of The Eagle:

Keeping this movie’s “Historical Integrity” aside, I liked the movie very much and enjoyed every minute of it. I normally like movies based on History so I can be a little biased when reviewing movies like this. Having said this, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is fond of adventure, history and drama based movies. Once you will start watching The Eagle you will surely watch it till the end. Just one advice don’t think after watching that all that is being shown is actually happened in History. Because History over a period of time keeps on changing from what it “really” was when it actually happened.


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Chup Chup Ke – Movie Review

Movie: Chup Chup Ke

Year: 2006

Country of Origin: India (Bollywood)

Language: Hindi (Mainly) (Some Gujarati, Bengali & English)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Chup Chup Ke Movie Review:

A fantastic movie requires a good story-line, excellent camera work, wonderful dialogues, and some amazing acting by the cast. With Chup Chup Ke you get all these things in a single package of just over 160 minutes. The movie has all the masala and magic that you associate with good Bollywood films. It has a huge star cast to be specific it is a “multi-starrer” movie that is very common in Bollywood. It was released in 2006 almost a decade ago from today. But, having seen it 4th time last night I couldn’t control but write a review of it. There is a very simple and straight forward story-line that is well supplemented by the music and songs. For me, the thing that makes this movie stand out from others is its dialogues and the excellent acting by the characters. Priyadarshan has a reputation of making good comedy movies in India. And in Chup Chup Ke he has once again given us a reason to feel happy after watching a movie.

All the characters of this movie are very interesting and they have given their best onscreen. The moment you will start watching this movie you will fall in love with the characters and enjoy their journey throughout the movie. The characters of Gundya & Bandya are the heartbeats of this movie. Without them the movie would be very dull. Now coming to the story-line Chup Chup Ke portrays the story of a young man named Jeetu Prasad Sharma (Shahid Kapoor) who has a lot of debt over him, 1.39 million Rupees to be precise. After Jeetu fails to resolve his debt crisis he decides to commit suicide, but destiny has something else for him. He is found by a fisherman (Bandya) who along with his master Gundya tries to use Jeet for extracting money because they think that Jeet is a rich guy. Jeet after coming back to consciousness in hospital plays a smart move by pretending himslef as a “deaf & dumb” man. Meanwhile, Gundya too has his own issues related to debt and needs his “fishing ship” back from Prabhat Singh Chauhan (Om Puri) a rich Gujarati business man/money-lender. To resolve his problem Gundya leaves Jeet and Bandya as “security” to Prabhat Singh Chauhan till he gives all his money back. From here starts a series of comic events as well as some drama in the life of Jeet. To learn more about it, I am leaving it here and urging you too see the movie yourself. One thing is assured that you won’t be disappointed after watching this film.

My Favorite Characters:

Paresh Rawal as Gundya – He is just awesome and hilarious at times. Some wonderful dialogues by him would leave you laughing on your couches. Paresh Rawal has a reputation of giving some awesome comic performances and he lives up to his reputation in this film also.

Rajpal Yadav as Bandya – Rajpal Yadav has established himself as a great comedy actor with wonderful acting skills and they are on full display in this film. His acting, dialogue delivery is superbly supported by his awesome face expressions that made me laugh again and again. He has definitely given one of his best performance in Chup Chup Ke.

My Rating of Chup Chup Ke:

I rated this movie 10 on 10 and the reason is obvious, it’s a great family entertainer that you can enjoy easily with your family as well as friends. The movie has no cheap or double meaning comic script rather has interesting and clean comedy. The songs are good and you must listen to the full album of this film here.

My Verdict of The Movie:

If you want to see a family movie that has comedy, romance, drama as well as good music then Chup Chup Ke is a must watch for you. You will enjoy the movie from the start till the end of it. The movie also gives a good message of love and humanity that we all need irrespective of our lingual and regional differences. 

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