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Karachi se Lahore – Movie Review

Movie: Karachi se Lahore

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: Pakistan (Urdu, Lollywood)

Languages: Urdu (Mainly), English & Punjabi (Few Dialogues)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adventure

Karachi Se Lahore Movie Review:

Karachi se Lahore is a comedy movie with an average story-line, below par acting, few hilarious moments and some awesome music. The film is about the journey of five different people who are going to Lahore from Karachi via road in a bid to stop the wedding of a girl. Zaheem is a young middle class guy who works in a big bank in Karachi. He lives alone in a flat and have a troublesome neighbor Maryam who lives with her father and younger brother. Zaheem has two faithful and fun-loving friends named Moti and Sam.

Zaheem’s life takes a tragic turn when he learns that his girlfriend and lover Ayesha (Ashi) has left him and is going to get married soon. At first, he is distressed and then after “provocation” from his friends Zaheem decides to go Lahore to stop Ashi’s wedding. The twist comes when he didn’t get any flight because of a strike at the airport. Now he has left with only one choice and that is to convinced Maryam to lent her dad’s Jeep to him for going to Lahore. As Maryam’s dad is out of the station Zaheem asks her for help.

Maryam agrees to help Zaheem, but on a condition that she and her brother too will accompany them. Now starts the fun part in Karachi se Lahore, as all five of them travel across the country and reach Lahore finally. I am not telling the details of their “journey” as this is something you guys needs to find out. For me it was the best part of this 150 mins long film. The film ends when Zaheem realizes that he was wrong in thinking that Ayesha (Ashi) was his true love and he didn’t try to stop her marriage. He goes behind Maryam and proposes her which she gladly accepts…..

What To Watch In Karachi Se Lahore:

Apart from melodious music and some great acting by Moti (Yasir Hussain) there’s nothing much to say about Karachi se Lahore. The movie is unwantedly too long. The acting by lead actor Zaheem (Shehzad Shaikh) is really very terrible, it looks as if he is still learning how to act in films. Ayesha Omar is fine and her “out of the context” item song is good to listen.

Veteran actor Rasheed Naz, has played a cameo in Karachi se Lahore and he too is really below par as per his standards. As for the director Wajahat Rauf, he did a fairly decent job except for the fact that he needs to learn that promoting your “sponsors” too much in your film can be a big “turn off” for the audiences. There are unnecessary promotions of HBL and Cornetto in the movie that is really looking very bad.


My Rating & Verdict Of Karachi Se Lahore:

I rated Karachi se Lahore 6 out of 10. The reason is obvious as this film lacks good quality direction and acting. But, still I would recommend it to cinema lovers. The reason is that it shows another face of Pakistan as a country and it’s people. The whole road journey from Karachi to Lahore is a treat to watch and one can see the countryside beauty of that country. All in all if you have spare time and want to see some light cinema with good music then go for Karachi se Lahore.

Image Credit: ARY DIGITAL


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