Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

8 thoughts on “The Star of The Week – ALICIA VIKANDER

    1. You are write Ulkar, I too just got to know her few months back when I saw “The Seventh Son”. But, in that movie itself I got to understand this girl has some serious talent. I would suggest you to watch Ex-Machina.

      1. I`ve seen Ex-Machina. It`s wonderful film. I kind of believe that if Alicia VIkander would have born in Silent Movie Era, she would certainly be a big star. Have you noticed how her face talks? This is truly remarkable. See her in Testament of Youth! I even interviewed James Kent, the director of that film. You must read what he had to say about Alicia.

        1. Sure, I will see that interview as well as move too. Yes, I agree her face is really very expressive, of course, in addition to her beautiful looks.

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