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Lootcase 2020 Movie Review – Disney Plus Hotstar

It’s been quite a while that Hindi cinema lovers are blessed with a good family comedy. So when the trailer of Lootcase movie released sometime back, we all had high expectations from it. Frankly speaking, we too were awaiting a laughter riot. Unfortunately, we were not impressed with the final product. Having said that, nonetheless, Lootcase comes as a fresh breeze of air in this otherwise tense, dark time. The film may not be comparable to Hera Pheri, Dhol, Dhamaal, or Welcome but still a good one-time watch with your family.


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Lootcase: Storyline, Acting, and Good Aspects


Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemu), a lower-middle-class man with an always complaining wife and a naughtily witty son finds a red suitcase full of money. He tries to find the owner but there’s no one to claim it. He brings the bag home and keeps it away from the eyes of his family in a neighbor’s house. Here starts the fun part of the movie. 

Gajraj Rao as MLA Patil has nailed it in the movie
Gajraj Rao as MLA Patil has nailed it in the movie

We are introduced to new characters and believe us there is an ensemble cast in this film with a whole lot to offer us. Every character is uniquely funny. Be it MLA Patil, The Autowala, Umar Bhai, Bala Rathore, or others. We liked the fact that writers have given equally weighing dialogues to almost everyone. The conversation between the Autowala and Inspector Kolte is really hilarious, especially the part when the Autowala says that “Sahab Meri Draaing kharab Hai.” 


The young Aryan Prajapati as Nandan’s son also has two-three blasting dialogues in the movie. Rasika Dugal as a housewife looks natural and has played her part well. Ranvir Shorey has proven himself time and again how much versatility he possesses and does a great job in Lootcase too. But the movie’s best performer for us was Gajraj Rao as MLA Patil. Gajraj has literally nailed it. His body language and shrewd yet pleasing dialogues are fun to watch. He captures the personality of a corrupt public servant amazingly well.


As the film is in its first week of release, we have decided not to reveal too much story to our readers.

The best scene from Lootcase Movie
The best scene from Lootcase Movie

Rating and Verdict


We have decided to give this comedy movie 7 out of 10. The reason why we are not giving it more than 7 is the fact that it drags a lot in many places. The runtime of over two hours is too long for a vanilla storyline. The only thing that made this movie pleasing to watch is its marvelous ensemble cast of experienced and lesser-known actors. They pulled off what was lacking in the story.


To conclude we suggest watching it on Disney+Hotstar at least once. These are tough times for our Cinema industry and we think it’s time we support them.


The World of Movies Rating: 7/10



Movie Title: Lootcase

Directed by: Rajesh Krishnan

Written by: Kapil Sawant, Rajesh Krishnan

Main Cast: Kunal Khemu as Nandan Kumar, Gajraj Rao as MLA Patil, Vijay Raaz as Bala Rathore, Ranvir Shorey as Inspector Madhav Kolte, Rasika Dugal as Lata, Aryan Prajapati as Ayush, Shashi Ranjan as Abdul, Sumit Nijhawan as Omar

Year of Release: 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country of Origin: India

Languages: Hindi

Running time: 132 minutes

Production Company: Fox STAR Studios, Soda Films

Distributed by: Hotstar


Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

Reviewed by: Afrose Shaikh & Absar Ahmad

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