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Firebrand Movie Review

Firebrand Movie Review: A 2019 Netflix Original

Bold, smoothly made and aptly named.. National award winners Usha Jadhav as Sunanda Raut the lawyer who is known never to lose, yet fair and square in an unbalanced world. Architect husband, Girish Kulkarni as Madhav Patkar, a small town boy who has left the middle class morales behind in lieu of unconditional love and friendship. Highly supportive of his wife’s career as well as tolerant of the effects of her abusive past.

Usha Jadhav in Firebrand 2019 Netflix Original Movie
Usha Jadhav in Firebrand 2019 Netflix Original Movie

The abuse, trauma, therapy and healing thereafter are the bold elements of the movie conceptualized bang on yet perhaps not totally saleable in the real world with due credit to real victims.

Well shown are the idiosyncrasies of the rich spoilt Rajeshwari Sachdev as Divya Pradhan shown just to harass husband, suave Sachin Khedekar, as Anand Pradhan the successful businessman with a soft and sensual side. The couple drifts apart as the wife is unable to accept the less than perfect autistic daughter they have and eventually land up in Sunanda’s office and life.

An excellent theme of unbiased choices but falls short of reality and ends abruptly on a hurried note as if the director didn’t want to tap on the angle chosen lest he bring down the wrath of the morale brigade!

Firebrand Movie Rating: 7/10

Title: Firebrand

Year of Release: 2019 (on Netflix)

Directed & Written by: Aruna Raje

Running Time: 116 minutes

Language: Marathi

Country of Origin: India (Bollywood)

Distributed by: Netflix

Reviewed by: Shyamala Nawab

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