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Welcome To Me – Movie Review

Movie: Welcome To Me                      Year: 2014

   Country of Origin: U.S.A                     Language: English

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Welcome To Me Movie Review:

Every now and then you come across a movie that appeal to your senses and make you think about it, what if this happen to me or with someone related to me? Welcome to Me is one such movie. It is one of those films which are heavily “centred” around a single character.

Welcome to Me is a story of a single woman named Alice Klieg who is living a normal life until one day  she finds out that she has become a millionaire after winning a lottery. But, Alice’s normal life is not that “normal” she is a “mentally ill” person who is undergoing a therapy. Soon after winning the lottery Alice leaves her small house and shifts to a casino hotel along with her best friend Gina Selway (Linda Cardellini).

She also quits her therapy which made her therapist angry with her. Now Alice meets Gabe Ruskin on a live TV show which she was attending as an audience. Gabe’s brother Rich Ruskin is the co-owner of the studio and he too meets Alice after that show. Alice while in a meeting with the Ruskin brothers and their team tells them about her wish to have her own TV show hosted by herself . Initially they are a bit hesitant and clueless about whether to say yes to her or no, but after she signs a $15 million cheque for them they agree to her proposal. Alice’s only unique wish was to have an entry in the show while sitting in a “SWAN BOAT”.

Welcome To Me
Alice in a “Swan Boat”.

Alice’s unique show named “Welcome to Me” takes off in a very unpleasing manner. The show has nothing but Alice telling about her life and bad experiences to the audience that too in 2 hour-long episodes. Everyone in the studio is furious with her but Rich keeping in mind the “financial” gain that Alice can provide to him and his studio keeps supporting her.

Slowly, Alice becomes a household name in the area and after meeting a fan she again signs a huge amount to have her “set” upgraded to look like that of Oprah Winfrey Show. She also makes her show 5 days a week. Suddenly, everything starts going excellent in Alice’s life except that through her show is making too many fans and admirers, but losing her near and dear ones in real life.

One day on the show during a cooking segment Alice meets an accident in which she gets second degree burns. Now she is in hospital and even her best friend Gina leaves her because of her “unsympathetic” attitude. Alice’s world is turned upside down and she goes into deep depression. Even Rich stops supporting her because of the lawsuits filed by the people of whom she made fun on her show.

Somehow, Alice gets her senses back and now wants to redeem her of all the things she did to her loved ones and other people. Alice asks Rich to arrange a one “FINAL” episode of her show Welcome to Me. In her last TV appearance on her show Alice thanks all the people who supported her in real life. She also asks forgiveness from everyone whom she had hurt.

In a generous gesture of friendship and love towards Gina she gifts her a $7 million cheque live on TV. This is all she had left of her total fortune of $86 million. Gina accepts it gladly and the two hug each other. In the last scene Alice is seen coming back to her old house along with Gabe but, she asks him to go back telling that she is ok now and he need not to bother for her.

What to watch in Welcome to Me:

Kristen Wiig and that’s it, she is the focal point of this movie and in my view she has literally lived through her character of Alice Klieg. Her acting is something special which anyone would love to see.

Her expressions are so powerful that at times it feels as if you will cry for her misery. The storyline of Welcome to Me is little out of the box and the movie is directed really well by Shira Piven. The music too is fine enough not to disappoint you.

My Rating and Verdict of Welcome to Me:

I rated Welcome to Me 7 out of 10, mainly because of some awesome acting by Kristen Wiig and its unique storyline. Welcome to Me is a comedy movie, but while watching don’t expect lots of laughter as the movie has some intense drama with dark humor.

My suggestion to all of you is watch Welcome to Me only if you are a fan and admirer of cinema in all forms. Those who are looking to watch  some “general entertainment” please stay away from this one as it will make you feel uneasy about it.

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