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The Willoughbys 2020 Netflix Movie Review

If you’re a fan of animation or like the animation genre then it’s a must watch. What a treat!


The Willoughbys is a story of four young siblings who want to get rid of their self-centered and selfish parents and start a new life.

This movie is not your regular perfect happy family animation but it’s something amazing and a big change in the animation genre IMO. I had to say that this movie sets some high bars in animation.

A Scene from The Willoughbys 2020 Netflix Animation Movie
A Scene from The Willoughbys 2020 Netflix Animation Movie

It’s kid-friendly, slightly touch of dark humor, some softened dialogues and heart-warming. You can definitely see that the movie is full of pink color but there are some other amazing colors displayed as well which amazed me like “OH MY GOD”.

They’ve shown the flaws of family but family is family in the end, no matter what! You need to stand-up for each other. Great character development throughout the movie. For me, twin Barnaby steals the show. I also loved how Tim was overprotective for his siblings.


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Last but not least: snarky blue CAT narration! Great among all and took the movie to another level.

I really don’t like their parents calling each other “Oh mother” “Oh father” what!! Cringe.

P.S. I’m not getting why the rating is so low on IMDb. Best animation of 2020.


The World of Movies Rating – 08/10


Movie Title: The Willoughbys

Based on: The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry

Directed & Written by: Kris Pearn

Screenplay by: Kris Pearn, Mark Stanleigh

Main Cast: Will Forte as Tim Willoughby, Maya Rudolph as Linda, Alessia Cara as Jane Willoughby, Terry Crews as Commander Melanoff, Martin Short as Walter Willoughby, Jane Krakowski as Helga Willoughby, Seán Cullen as Barnaby A and Barnaby B Willoughby, Ricky Gervais as The Cat

Year of Release: 2020

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Country of Origin: USA, UK, Canada

Languages: English

Running time: 90 minutes

Production Company: BRON Studios

Distributed by: Netflix



Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

Reviewed by: Rahima Imran Khairi

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