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Project Power – 2020 Netflix Original Movie Review


Mixed or average are the words most have used to describe Netflix’s latest Original movie Project Power. But I fail to understand what people were thinking? Project Power is just another addition to Netflix’s ever-increasing Original catalog. This film is based on the age-old topic of genetic mutation. The premise is evergreen Hollywoodesque.

I am sure Hollywood has more movies based on genetic mutation than Bollywood has on Saas-Bahu. Pun intended!

Anyways let’s get started with Project Power.


The Review


The film stars Jamie Foxx (Art), who by every stretch of the imagination has passed his prime. It also has Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Frank), who despite being a good, consistent, and hardworking actor has never been able to make it big. Other than these two stars, we have a very talented star in making Dominique Fishback. She plays the role of Robin with full authority and swag. I loved her raps.




Dominique Fishback is impressive as Robin
Dominique Fishback is impressive as Robin

The Premise


There’s an organization supplying power-enhancing pills to youth in New Orleans. These almost magical pills can give immense strength to an individual. However, the downside is that the effect of each pill lasts only for 5 minutes. Sounds strange? Yes, it does. I am not a science guy but still, I know that such a thing is far-fetched.

All said I didn’t watch Project Power to make sense out of it but I watched it to pass time and get entertained, which it does really well. 


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The film has two plots: one major plot, the second a subplot within the major plot. The major plot revolves around Art and his quest to find his daughter for which he is ready to take on the mysterious organization running this whole pill business. The second plot has the story of a young girl Robin, who is involved in the distribution of these pills. The movie moves smoothly as these two opposite characters forge an unlikely relationship to make their lives better. But will they succeed?

I am not going to spoil that for you as the film has been released recently. Rather let’s discuss why you should watch Project Power?

A scene from Project Power Netflix Original Movie
A scene from Project Power Netflix Original Movie

Project Power: Verdict and Rating


Best things first, the music is awesome! I loved the background scores and all the rap songs of this film. One scene that particularly touched my senses is at the end of the movie where Art shows his true colors. The background score during this scene is riveting. I am quite specific when it comes to background scores. I have added it to my all-time favorite Hollywood OSTs/Soundtracks playlist on YouTube. 

I am rating Project Power 08 out of 10 for its refreshing adrenaline rushing music and songs and the overall entertainment value that it offers. 

So if you have 113 minutes to spare then do watch this film on Netflix. People in love with the Sci-fi genre won’t feel disappointed. However, if you are expecting to watch another Avengers or X-Men kind of stuff then you all are chasing a mirage in the desert.



The World of Movies Rating – 08/10



Movie Title: Project Power

Directed by: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Written by: Mattson Tomlin

Main Cast: Jamie Foxx as Art/The Major, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank Shaver, Dominique Fishback as Robin Reilly

Year of Release: 2020

Genre: Action, Crime, Sci-fi

Country of Origin: USA

Languages: English

Running time: 113 minutes

Production Company: Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché 

Distributed by: Netflix



Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad

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