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Skyfire Trailer Review: A One Of Its Kind ZEE5 Sci-fi Thriller Drama


The trailer of ZEE5’s latest original web series “Skyfire” is out. The web series stars Prateik Babbar, Jisshu Sengupta, and Sonal Chauhan in the lead roles. Produced by award-winning producer Shabina Khan, Skyfire will be the first sci-fi drama web series to be streamed on ZEE5. The web series is an adaptation of a 2016 eponymous book written by Aroon Raman.

According to the introduction mentioned on the OTT platform, Skyfire is a story that revolves around a natural calamity/anomalous weather phenomena and sudden disappearance of children from slums that not just affects millions of lives in India, but its political system also. After watching the trailer one can easily sense that Skyfire is a fast-paced, heart-pounding sci-fi thriller drama that seems to have all the ingredients to make it a big success among audiences of all age group.

Before we move to the trailer and what it has for us, let’s talk about the book, of which this is a TV adaptation.

Check out the exciting trailer of Skyfire now!

The book was a major hit among Indians and it was compared to Robert Ludlum’s works. Most readers liked the ingenuity of this book and loved scientific details of the topic, the book is based upon.

During the launch of the trailer earlier this week, Prateik Babbar (playing the lead actor), has expressed his excitement in portraying the character of a Journalist in this one of its kind sci-fi thriller drama web series. While Aroon Raman expressed his views as, being a writer, my first and foremost aim was to write a book that is gripping and full of twists and turns. However, I am always ready to welcome a TV adaptation with a slight deviation from the original text of Skyfire book.

Who Is Behind The Abnormal Weather And Acid Rain? Is There’s More To Something Than Meets The Eye?

At once, you think about the mysterious things happening in this web series. In a couple of scenes, you get the feeling that the acid rains, storms, and the disappearance of children from slums are all related to each other. We also wonder why the words “pralay aane wala hai” (the end is near) are being repeated again and again in the trailer. Then suddenly we see a character saying, “the people involved behind all this have become Gods”. All this makes you buzzing with excitement to watch this series. Skyfire is scheduled to release on 22nd May 2019.


Cast of Skyfire web series at the trailer launch.
Cast of Skyfire web series at the trailer launch.

Skyfire Trailer: My Observations

The trailer starts looking interesting and gives you ample idea of what the web series has on offer for us. However, I would like to share my opinion on the special effects and background score of Skyfire web series. I am surprised to see such great effects and complementing background score. Having watched many western apocalyptic-themed movies and series, I will expect something extraordinary in terms of graphics and music. In Skyfire, I am sure the makers have given enough attention to these visuals aspects. In the end, I would conclude by saying that you got to watch this one for sure.

Stay tuned to The World of Movies for my full review of the web series soon!


Image sources: Official ZEE5 Twitter & Facebook Accounts.

Written by: Absar Ahmad

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