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Remember Sunday Movie Review

Remember Sunday Movie Review

Remember Sunday - Netflix - 10/10 for the cutest cheesiest yet bestest romcom in awhile.

Two very good looking stars Alexis Bledel (Rory of Gilmore Girls fame) and Zachary Levi (of Shazam) instantly connect and that should have been the beginning to the happy end except Gus has had a brain aneurysm and can remember his past but not what happened yesterday. Gus is a brilliant cosmologist who has moved to be closer to his best friend, Jerry and sister, Lucy who help him recap yesterday everyday.

While Molly who is in deep debt gets quite an inheritance from a great aunt that gets her going on sorting her life and dream goals of opening a flower store. Molly is unable to believe the short term loss, which we are familiar with from Ghajini (a 2008 Indian Hindi-language action-thriller movie) and breaks up assuming Gus is being a creep when he records their conversations.

To Fall In Love Everyday

The movie has its moments.. in a skating rink with the Abba’s Dancing Queen playing; then again when Gus shows Molly a shooting star and explains how we are all made from Stardust.. Calcium being in our bones and Iron in the blood.

One funny scene which is actually sad is when Gus is horrified everytime Jerry mentions his break up and divorce with ex Brenda which Gus just doesn’t remember. Also the grouch Baptiste, owner of the cafe Molly works at gets his share of laughs for his one liners.

To fall in love with someone every single day.. Again and again.. May be romantic and does linger but leaves a dull ache in the stomach which a sequel would help cure…

Remember Sunday Movie Rating: 10/10

You can watch Remember Sunday Full Movie below: 

Title: Remember Sunday

Year of Release: 2013

Directed by: Jeff Bleckner

Written by: Michael Kase (story), Barry Morrow (teleplay)

Running Time: 96 minutes

Language: American English

Country of Origin: USA (Hollywood)

Production Company: Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

Distributed by: Netflix, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Net5, and Sky Cinema

Reviewed by: Shyamala Nawab

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