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“Mistress America” Movie Review – From Boring Start To An Eventful End.

Movie: Mistress America                                                               Release Year: 2015

Country: United States of America                                               Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Mistress America Review:

Directed by Noah Baumbach, Mistress America is a movie that feels boring in the start before gradually gripping your interest. It stars Lola Kirke and Greta Gerwig in lead roles with Heather Lind, Matthew Shear, Michael Chernus and, Jasmine Cephas Jones in supporting roles. The film has some nice cool music score and the direction is great. Screenplay is written by Noah and Greta herself which looks nice with no fumbles.

Lola and Greta they both have looked extremely good in Mistress America. I am watching them for the first time and it’s difficult for me to tell who was better than the other. But, I slightly feel Lola (the chief protagonist) of the film has been fantastic with her body language and looks (of a college going girl with lonely life).


Tracy (Lola) is a college student and lives a low life that’s not exciting rather boring and dull. One day she gets a call from her mother who tells that she is soon going to marry with some man. The man has a daughter named Brooke Cardines (Greta), a confident self-sustaining and stylish women who is in early 30s.

Tracy decides to meet Brooks and after spending a night with her and knowing her aspirations and lifestyle becomes very influenced with her. Brooks want to open a restaurant for which she is getting investors. But, all of a sudden her whole plan is jeopardized as one of her partners pulled out of the plan. At this juncture Brooke has no other option but to seek help from her ex-fiance (Dylan) who is married to her best friend (Mamie).

Meanwhile, Tracy has written  a short story titled “Mistress America” for her college’s literary society. Tracy helps Brooke to reach Connecticut with her friends Tony and Nicolette. Things were on course before Brooke receives a call from her dad stating that he is no longer marrying Tracy’s mother.

Mistress America Movie
Tracy & Brooke Looking For Solutions of Their Problems…

The newly formed bond between the “stepsisters to be” is further shackled when Brooke finds out that Tracy has written a story on her life. Tracy explicitly denies that it is written after her rather says it’s a work of fiction “inspired” by Brooke. Something Brooke doesn’t agree to and the two break up.

The story gets published in the journal and Tracy is happy and confident now. On thanksgiving she visits Brooke and asks her to spend the occasion with her which she agrees. The movie ends here with two sitting in a restaurant and enjoying the evening together. As written in Mistress America, Brooke’s dream of having a restaurant never gets fulfilled as she pays her debts off and decides to move West to Los Angeles. As for Tracy, things look pretty optimistic as she leaves her old literary society and decides to start her own one.

My Verdict & Rating:

Mistress America may not be a memorable piece of cinema but it is nonetheless worthy of watching. The film makes you laugh and think at the same time. It is not that typical “haha hehe” comedy movie but a carefully crafted one that uses humor as a supporting element to the overall theme. Mistress America gets a flat 8/10 from me.

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