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Michiel de Ruyter – Movie Review

Movie: Michiel de Ruyter

English Title: Admiral

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Language: Dutch (Mainly), English, French (Few Dialogues Only)

Genre: Drama, History, Biography, Action

Michiel de Ruyter Movie Review:

Directed by  Roel Reiné Michiel de Ruyter is a fantastic and very truth based history drama movie that appeals to your senses. The visual effects and background score are exceptionally good. And the most important thing about Michiel de Ruyter is its story. From the start till the last scene of the film you will feel like immersed in this biopic drama.

Michiel de Ruyter
                         Michiel de Ruyter Movie Still

Michiel de Ruyter is based on the famous 17th century Dutch admiral named Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter. The movie also tells the strong role that the then Grand Pensionary (Equivalent to Prime Minister) Johan de Witt played in the politics of the young Dutch Republic. One of the best things of Michiel de Ruyter Movie is its historical accuracy. I personally read about the politics and the history of that time and found this film very much according to the historical records.

Michiel de Ruyter Movie Story:

It’s early 17th century and the Dutch Republic is still in early stage of its establishment. The Dutch merchant ships are getting constant trouble by the Britishers and the French too are not very friendly towards the Dutch. The country from inside is divided into “Orangists” and “Republicans”. After a tough tussle of power Republicans gets a hold on the politics

Michiel de Ruyter
                               Michiel de Ruyter Movie Still

and they appoint Johan de Witt as their Prime Minister. Johan is a good politicians who wants his country to be united and self-dependent. But he can’t do that alone, here comes our HERO of the movie, Michiel de Ruyter. After so much insistence by Johan de Witt Michiel de Ruyter agrees to accept the post of ADMIRAL and subsequently gets Johan to accept his proposal of modernizing the Dutch Navy Fleet. He then defeats the British and French fleets in tough sea battles. He even carries out an unexpected raid at Chatham in England on the orders of Johan de Witt. Everything seems good after this feat by the Dutch and English are on the negotiation table, but the Orangists under the shrewd Johan Kievit nurtures a plan to stop Republicans from becoming more powerful and popular. While the Michiel de Ruyter Under false allegations of treason  Cornelis de Witt (Johan de Witt’s brother) is arrested and brutally tortured. When Johan de Witt comes to visit his brother in the prison a large and violent “organized” mob assassinates the de Witt brothers and brutally mutilates their bodies. Michiel de Ruyter sees this and is shocked as well as angry with himself that he couldn’t reach on time.

Michiel de Ruyter
                        Michiel de Ruyter Movie Still

The whole country is in turmoil and on the verge of a Civil War when the French invades from the South seizing territories from the Dutch. The Prince of Orange, William – III  keeps his belief in Michiel de Ruyter and gives him the responsibility of fighting the French. Michieal de Ruyter, this time with Cornelis Tromp (whom he had dismissed from the post of Vice-Admiral) again saves his country and people. After returning from this battle he resigns from the post of Admiral, but the Prince of Orange (William – III) sends him for one last mission to the Mediterranean sea. This time Michiel de Ruyter is not successful and with a relatively inferior navy fleet gets defeated. He also dies in his ship when a cannon ball struck one of his legs. In the end he has been shown given a state funeral while the Prince of Orange saying, “now the Orangists and Republicans are all together for one man’s funeral. I couldn’t have done it”….

My Verdict & Rating of The Movie:

I rated Michiel de Ruyter a flat 10 on 10, there’s hardly anything missing in this film. It has action, drama, adventure, great acting, superb music, and some breath-taking dialogues on nationalism. Above all, there is truth in the film that we all expect from a biopic movie. I would recommend it to everyone who loves cinema and likes to know a little bit of history of other nations National Heroes. I am sure throughout 150 mins you will never feel a dull moment in Michiel de Ruyter. I am embedding the whole Soundtrack of this movie below. This is one of the best soundtracks of all time that I have listened to.

Image Credit: Official Website of the movie.

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