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Liar Liar – Movie Review

Movie: Liar Liar

Year: 1997

Country of Origin: USA

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Liar Liar Movie Review:

Liar Liar is a wonderfully written and equally well-directed movie. Jim Carrey delivers a noteworthy performance in Liar Liar. This film is full of comedy and some great to watch acting by nearly all the actors. Fletcher and Audrey are a separated couple with a 5-year-old son named Max. Although, Fletcher loves his son too much, but because of his busy schedule (as he is a famous lawyer) he is being unable to spend quality time with his son. Max, knows that his dad is a “Liar” (as Fletcher very often lies, something very much associated with his profession) and that he never keeps his promise. He is so much hurt about this fact that he actually wishes to God that “for whole one day his dad couldn’t lie”, on the eve of his birthday when Fletcher instead of being with him is busy somewhere else. To the misfortune of Fletcher, this wish of his son comes true when he is about to fight a “career changing” case of his life.

Here, starts the real drama of the film and I am not going to ruin it for you guys by explaining details of it. As it will be really fantastic for you all to watch some hilarious and mind-boggling stuff on-screen. The main plot of the movie revolves around that “ONE DAY” where despite trying his level best, Fletcher is not able to lie to anyone, including his long time secretary Greta.

Liar Liar Pics
Liar Liar Movie Still.

Everything seems lost for him, but through his wit and luck he wins that case. After that he runs immediately to the airport to see his son (as Max is going to another place with his mother) and say sorry to him for all those days he lied to him and neglected promises made to him. Finally, Audrey too understands that Fletcher is not lying this time and the family once again is back together enjoying life. Liar Liar ends when Max is celebrating his next birthday and this time Fletcher himself asking him to make a wish…

Liar Liar Pics
 Liar Liar Movie Still.

My Verdict & Rating of the film:

I have rated Liar Liar 9/10, as there’s no reason for it to deserve anything less than this. Throughout the film I really laughed too much especially seeing Jim doing what he does best i.e. making all sort of funny postures, faces and making some hilarious gestures. Liar Liar is a delightful film for all Jim Carrey lovers. I would highly recommend Liar Liar to anyone and everyone who loves comedy.

Thanks so much for reading this review and stay tuned for lots of new “World Movie Reviews” coming your way..!

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