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Luka Chuppi – Movie Review

Luka Chuppi Movie Rating: 7/10

I think the critics are being very harsh unnecessarily. I enjoyed the movie.. Laughed at all the silly jokes and tch-tched at the racist insinuations. Music is heavily remixed read borrowed. Even the dual meaning Laung Elaichi song has everyone humming along and foot tapping to the Coca-Cola one.

Luka Chuppi Poster 2019
Luka Chuppi Poster 2019

Mathura, Gwalior or Any Other Metro


Small town or metro.. Prude or not.. I feel people still raise an eyebrow at live-in relationships but the comic timing, the bhabi’s bro and even the prying neighbour makes Luka Chuppi a funny movie. Even the obnoxious kid gets his 2 minutes to fame.


Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon look great and you can’t find a flaw with their clothes or their morning after messed up looks. While Pankaj Tripathi gets not only into character but manages to get under your skin too. I expected to see more of Vinay Pathak though.


People who expected more from Mathura and Gwalior are disappointed I read but I came out laughing.


Reviewed by: Shyamala Nawab

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