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Love Mocktail 2020 Kannada Movie Review


Love Mocktail – Kannada – Amazon Prime Video – 8/10


Well thought of Kannada movie with no loose ends. A little cliched yet a fun watch.

Starts with Adi rescuing Aditi, a college kid, returning home, from local goons when she stops for a susu break on the highway. She hitches a ride back with him.

Love Mocktail 2020 Kannada Movie Scene
Love Mocktail 2020 Kannada Movie Scene

Aditi is a chatterbox and wants to know all about Adi. So, he starts his tale from love at school tuitions through engineering, a job and then to the present with an intense story line.


The stars Darling Krishna, Rachna Inder, Milana Nagraj, Abhilaash, Amrutha Iyengar are a pretty lot with some good acting, the younger stars, especially Dhanush as young Adi too.


The funny parts are not lost in subtitles either but many lol moments when you know words like ‘Tindi Pothi’, ‘Loosu’ and ‘hogolo’.


The scenic drive to Udupi along the ghats and then coastal Karnataka is green and well shot, and Raghu Dixit’s music mixes the love potion to a new high!


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The World of Movies Rating – 08/10



Movie Title: Love Mocktail

Directed & Written by: Darling Krishna

Main Cast: Darling Krishna as Adithya aka Adi, Milana Nagaraj as Nidhima, Sush as Joshitha aka Jo, Rachana Inder as Aditi, Abhilash as Vijay

Year of Release: 2020

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country of Origin: India (Sandalwood)

Languages: Kannada

Running time: 153 minutes

Production Company: Krishna Talkies

Distributed by: Mysore Talkies



Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

Reviewed by: Shyamala Nawab

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