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The Jungle Book – Movie Review

Movie: The Jungle Book

Year: 2016

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

The Jungle Book Movie Review:

The Jungle Book was one of the most anticipated movie this year. And, after watching it last night I can say why it was so? The adventure of Mowgli and his friends has once again been able to win hearts all around. I watched the “Hindi Version” but, I am confident the English Version too is equally good. Now, talking about the story and its on-screen execution there’s only one answer to it and that is “awesome” work by the director Jon Favreau. While watching there was a constant struggle going on in my mind whether I should appreciate the story or the special effects of The Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book
Bagheera Taking Mowgli To A Safer Place….

As it is quite evident from the trailer, The Jungle Book has some nice fight scenes, good 3D effects and nostalgic drama. The story has our familiar characters such as Mowgli, Shere Khan, Bagheera, Akela, Raksha, Baloo, and Kaa. The film starts where Mowgli is shown enjoying his life with his family of wolves (who has brought him up from childhood). One day Shere Khan gives an indication to all the animals that Mowgli will grow up into a human (who always seek ways to destroy forests and its animals). Akela, the leader of the wolves tries to convince Shere Khan that Mowgli is different from other humans as he is brought up in this jungle. Shere, however, gives an open threat that someday Mowgli will be alone and no one will be able to save him. After this incident, it was decided by the wolves that it’s better that Mowgli must go now to some other place because he is no longer safe here. Bagheera (The Black Panther), who brought Mowgli to the wolves years ago, now takes him towards the human settlement.

The Jungle Book
Mowgli And Friends Challenging Shere Khan…

Midway, they are attacked by Shere Khan and Mowgli gets lost in the jungle while running for his life. Later in the movie Mowgli encounters Kaa who tries to kill him, but Baloo (The Bear) saves his life. They become friends afterwards, and do a lot of things (which I am not sharing here as the Movie is still in theatres). You must watch the movie and see the rest part yourself. The Jungle Book ends on a happy note when Mowgli defeats his enemy and does not leave the jungle.


The Jungle Book Rating &  Verdict:

I have rated The Jungle Book 8 out of 10. The movie is short and well-directed. There is emotion, drama and action in The Jungle Book which you as well as your younger siblings or kids gonna love too much. In my view, The Jungle Book is a must watch movie for people who have seen the cartoon version of it in the golden era of 1990s. Neel Sethi as Mowgli has been terrific. He has made it look easy on-screen and it shows the potential of this new kid on the horizon. The Hindi dubbing is just stunning and Nana Patekar, Priyanka Chopra, Om Puri have really done great job. The most outstanding voice was of Irfan Khan (Baloo), I loved his Punjabi style of talking and it suited to the character of Baloo very much. Conclusion, The Jungle Book is in cinemas now so get your seats reserved this weekend and watch it with your family, friends or sweet hearts.


Image Credits: IMDB, Popsugar.

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