Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Vibha Thakare Movie Reviews

About Vibha Thakare:

I am simple happy go lucky kind of person. IT engineer by profession, travelling, hiking, trekking and trying different cuisines has always been my hobby until I came to the US. After settling here I had lots of time to explore new things and one of them was watching movies. After coming here I started watching lots of movies from different languages to different genre and found that how colors of real world actually feel real when you watch them on a screen. Since then there was no stopping at all. I wish I get to see each every movie in and around the world.

Movies Reviewed By Vibha So Far:

  1. Harishchandrachi Factory – 2009
  2. Kaksparsh – 2012
  3. Lost and Found – 2016
  4. Kaccha Limbu
  5. Killa – 2015
  6. Mulk – 2018
Mulk 2018 Bollywood Movie Mulk Movie Review 3 min read
Direction and script are befitting and it’s a strictly no-nonsense movie. There is not much music. Mulk movie puts forward some serious questions and points in front of us by how we select between them and us. It does not take sides and still manages us to choose what we see.  Very hard-hitting and sensitive subject, superbly portrayed. A must add in your watch list.... Read More
It's learning the hard way for the Katdare family to accept the fact and find their way to happiness. Shaila starts finding comfort in her boss. On the other side, Mr. Katdare is busy saving up for a trust they called  ‘Bacchu Fund’ for Bacchu’s afterlife and for parents who are in the same situation as them.With no songs in the film, debutant director, Prasad Oak makes sure that the story keeps us hooked to the seat till the very end. The entire movie is shot in black and white which shows lost hope and color shade perfectly suits the gray shades of the storyline. It is no surprise that it has been released in Marathi cinema. Hats off to Prasad Oak to take a such a sensitive subject in his debut movie and presenting it in a very sensible way.... Read More