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Salt Bridge – Movie Review

Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad

Salt Bridge Movie Storyline

Salt Bridge is not a typical movie that one expects. It has a completely different taste from a normal Indian movie. As you can guess by its name, the movie is based in a small town of Australia.

It is a story of an Indian man who has left his country for a better future abroad. Basant (Rajeev Khandelwal) is a researcher who lives a happy life with his wife Lipi (Usha Jadhav) and a school going son. His life goes on smoothly till he meets Madhurima (Chelsie Preston Crayford), who  gives him driving classes. Madhurima is a married Australian white woman, her husband is an Indian and she speaks and understands a little bit of Hindi.

Soon Basant and Madhurima gets close to each other and their relationship becomes “questionable” to the Indian community living in the town of Salt Bridge. Madhu’s brother-in-law, Shubro, even goes on the extent of beating Basant for having relations with his sister-in-law.

After this incident Madhu stops talking to Basant, he tries many times to clarify himself to her, but she doesn’t reply or meets him. This makes Basant feel very low and he finally after consulting his wife decides to leave the town for Sydney.

A few years pass by and Madhu has a daughter, Basant too is living a happy life again. But, in his heart he still remembers Madhurima and writes his feelings on his Blog (Which is intentionally in Hindi) because she doesn’t know to read the script. One day, Madhurima thinks of searching Basant and comes across his Blog (as now she is well versed in Hindi both reading and speaking).

After reading everything Basant has wrote for her on his Blog she feels very ashamed and gets anxious to meet him and ask forgiveness as well as say sorry to him. She finally meets him in a temple in Sydney and invites him to a celebration party. Basant is back again in Salt Bridge after many years, people have forgotten everything that happened.

In a twist it is revealed in the climax that Basant had a friend or sister (it is not clear but it seems to me that it was a friend) named Madhu in his childhood who died in an accident. Since then, he has been searching for his Madhu whom he finally found in Salt Bridge. Unfortunately, the people took his relation with Madhurima in a different way. The movie ends with Lipi reading a book saying that it was his (Basant’s) story with a few “additional” characters and now he is no more with us.

What To Watch in Salt Bridge Movie

Abhijit Deonath has directed the movie in an extremely compact way and there is nothing that is out of context in this film. Although a drama movie, at many places it has some hilarious punches of comedy. This makes Salt Bridge film a delight to watch for every cinegoer.

The Hindi conversation between Basant and Madhu is surely going to make you laugh. All the cast has performed well, Rajeev Khandelwal is a seasoned actor and he has given is absolute best in this film. For me the big surprise was Chelsie, she has really done an awesome job; her acting as well as body language speaks volume. The movie’s music too is very good and feels nice and soothing to the ears. It has a distinct Bengali flavor to it, which adds to its beauty.

My Rating & Verdict Of The Movie

I have rated Salt Bridge movie 9 out of 10 mainly because of its “out of the league” story line as well as some seriously good acting by the cast. In my view humor was one of the best parts of this flick. So, if you want to see something serious which is little humorous in its narration then go for this movie.

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Movie: Salt Bridge     

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: India, Australia                               

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Languages: Hindi (Mainly); Bengali, English (Many Dialogues)

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