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Pihu – Movie Review

Title: Pihu

Director & Writer: Vinod Kapri

Language: Hindi

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Year of Making: 2017

Year of Commercial Release: 2018

Pihu Review

Pihu is less a movie and more like a documentary. It is a story about a 2 year old girl who becomes a victim of her parents domestic dispute. The mother commits suicide the following night of Pihu’s birthday, while the father is shown away from home for work. The girl wakes up to a dead mother on bed, who she continuously tries to wake up.

The story shows the urban way of living where people have subdued themselves to nuclear families and maintaining privacy. They have less interactions in neighborhood and have slim idea of what’s happening around them in the society.

The movie is heart wrenching, scary, depressing and empathetic. Instead of intriguing you to see more, it rather leaves you with feeling of ‘No More’. The only people visible in the movie are dead mother and the little girl Pihu (Pihu Myra Vishwakarma). Besides that you will only hear the voices. Pihu looks adorable and sweet. Hats off to director for getting act done by this little girl.

Pihu Movie Awards & Nominations

The movie took part in many film festivals around the world and was critically acclaimed for direction, screenplay and acting. The film was awarded Grand Prize for Best Feature Film in the International Category as well as the People’s Choice award for Best Film in the 14th Trans-Saharan International Film Festival held in Zagora, Morocco.

Pihu also opened the 2017 Indian International Film Festival in Goa. It was also premiered in 2017 Palm Springs International Film Festival and 2017 Fajr International Film Festival.

Pihu Trivia

  1. Many of you must be thinking after watching the film that whether it is based on a real life incident? Well, not so surprisingly the answer is YES! Pihu movie is based/inspired on a true incident reported in 2014 in an Indian newspaper.
  2. The movie technically has a single character and that two of a two-year-old girl child.
  3. The girl is the daughter of director’s real life friends.

I am giving this movie 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by: Priyanka Bhateja Walia

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