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“Only” 2019 Movie Review

Reviewed By: Namita Tribhuwan

The movie Only shows the hazardous time when a virus wants to kill all the women in the world.

It begins with a heavy ash falling, and simultaneously all women falling dead with the infection. Leslie Odom Jr. (Will) and Freida Pinto (Eva) make sympathetic, easy-on-the-eyes lovers and their desperation to remain alive in this horrid situation.

The movie’s story starts with day 400 and moves back and forth in time, showing the couple under better circumstances and ever so slowly meting out the arrival and impact of the virus. Takashi Doscher’s non-linear storytelling in Only is really impressive.

Will quickly recognizes in the hospital that he needs to save Eva as she is in danger when other women are getting infected with the mysterious virus. The couple take all the measures to prevent Eva from the virus and live in quarantine for many days. Eva is one of the many women who are in hiding. Will and Eva’s isolation become literally sealed and disinfected, making their relationship fissures with deep frustrations.

Freida Pinto impresses yet again with her acting prowess.
Freida Pinto impresses yet again with her acting prowess.

They plan to go to the woods near the river. They take a road that is less-traveled but the restaurant on it is fairly busy, with a big-bellied cook/ server and a handful of rough-looking male customers. The owner keeps eyeing Eva with some doubt, and so does a father and son duo (Jayson Warner Smith and Chandler Riggs). Who then follows the couple to their destination. This 2019 movie shows us another angle where the women are now extinct and father wants his stepson to have some pleasure with the last woman, unfortunately the father-son duo get killed by Will.

Eva may be the last woman in the world, but the film offers warm, affectingly natural performances as the couple face the end of their world.


The World of Movies Rating of Only Movie – 8/10


Movie Title: Only

Directed & Written by: Takashi Doscher

Main Cast: Freida Pinto as Eva, Leslie Odom Jr. as Will, Chandler Riggs as Casey, Jayson Warner Smith as Arthur

Year of Release: April 2019 (Tribeca Film Festival), March 2020 (Commercial Release)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-fi

Country of Origin: USA

Languages: English

Running Time: 98 minutes

Production Company: Tadmor 

Distributed by: Dutch FilmWorks, Vertical Entertainment, Storm Pictures Korea



Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

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