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Netflix: Good Girls Review

Reviewed By: Namita Tribhuwan

Well, I watched all the 4 seasons at a slow pace in bits and pieces but for sure it’s a must watch because it has very enjoyable and extremely grounded characters with fantastic acting, smart and witty dialogue that makes you question: What would you do if you were in their place?

A Scene From The TV Series
A Scene From The TV Series

The characters mesh, and the storyline flows smoothly, slightly touching each other until it’s time to connect. The drama is sometimes heavy and has consequences that are balanced by a talented cast who can deliver the levity required to place you in their pumps. The cast has great chemistry, and they exploit that momentum during the soft moments, allowing the three main leads to really stretch their comedic legs.

And of course, you can’t talk about Good Girls without Rio. Kudos to the casting director for choosing Manny Montana, who adds some serious eye candy and carries the most weight of all the dramatic scenes on his shoulders. He’s lovable yet incredibly intimidating; scary but alluring; dangerous yet protective; most importantly, he’s unpredictable – our ladies are constantly in a state of flux regarding their standing with him and adds to their intense negotiations, interactions, and dealings.

The main character Beth is selfish and emotional in basically every situation she is put in. She has these opportunities to show that she is a strong independent character yet even when she makes a “Boss” move it is made irrelevant by the upcoming events.

Good Girls Netflix TV Series
Good Girls Netflix TV Series

Rudy is the only character who has made me laugh in all the 4 seasons. She is another character who is affected by the fact that she wants to be a good person. With her daughter being sick she has all the motivation in the world to be more aggressive and be a go-getter but is too focused on what is right or wrong instead of what needs to be done.

Annie, is Beth’s scrappy sister, a single mom with an anarchic streak that is sometimes the teensiest bit cartoony, the show’s most frequent indulgence.

Good Girls is a story filled with reality mixed with fantasy, drama, suspense, humor, family, friendship, insane and intense chemistry. A complete package!!


The World of Movies Rating: 8/10

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