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Major If’s & But’s of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3


We recently finished watching the third season of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The season finale has put us all in a fix and we all are thinking about what the heaven happened in the end?

The end of days took place, the pagans took over the world, Sabrina lost her throne only to be crowned as the Queen of Hell at the end. Moreover, now we have not one but three Sabrinas in two timelines. All this has left so many questions for the lovers of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season . 

No need to get confused, The World of Movies is here to answer all the questions that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 has unanswered.


1. How did Sabrina 2 come and rescue the Original Sabrina?

In Season 2 Episode 6 (Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries), we saw how Sabrina came back to life after being dead. Her powers are mysterious and there is hardly any surprise if this time too, after fighting hard, she somehow managed to save herself again.


2. How come only Ambrose is alive and why we are listening to a story narrated by him.

The answer to this question is not that difficult. Ambrose himself told the Original Sabrina that the whole world fell into the hands of the pagans and he somehow managed to escape this fate by using a protection spell against them. However, we are still not sure why he is narrating the entire story to us.


3. Mambo Marie wants Zelda Spellman to prepare her coven for a war against some lurking darkness. What is that darkness and how it will shape the future of the current timeline?

We believe that Mambo Marie was referring to the thing that Faustus Blackwood gave birth to at the end of the season’s last episode. 


4. Blackwood gave birth to whom? And how that thing is going to bring the end of the world?

Whatever that thing is, we are sure that it is related to some eldritch terror and is pure evil. And there’s a huge possibility that Blackwood will utilize that evil to finish the Spellmans and rule the earth.


Blackwood with the time egg
Blackwood with the time egg


5. Is Prince Caliban really dead? As Sabrina claimed or the Clay Prince will come back to claim the throne of Hell.

We know that Caliban is made of clay and has already managed to survive in the past during the second challenge (Chapter Twenty-Five: The Devil Within) of retrieving the Holy Regalia (Pontius Pilate’s Bowl). So, there’s every possibility that this time too, somehow he will manage to escape from the eternal punishment.


6. Are all Pagans dead? Or some survived?

As it appears that not every Pagan is dead. In fact, some of them may come back and create trouble for Greendale. Although, almost all of their leaders are dead.


Will Pagans Comeback Again For Sabrina & Company
Will Pagans Comeback Again For Sabrina & Company


7. If Sabrina hasn’t completed the time loop, which she did. How will this impact the current timeline?

Well, if you are familiar with the time travel concept then we all know, it’s crystal clear that tampering with the timeline has dire consequences. Since Sabrina has clearly created a time paradox it is definitely going to affect all sooner or later.


8. Roz and Harvey have allegedly kept Nagaina’s head for some use. Will it really be helpful or a threat to Greendale?

Remember Medusa from Greek mythology? Perseus killed her and used her chopped head, which retained her power to turn people to stone. So, if Roz and Harvey are aware of this (we strongly feel that they are), then Nagaina’s head will be a potent weapon for them to fight against the coming darkness.


9. We see Prudence and Nick feeling sad and lonely with the current situation. So, are they going to do something to change what happened, and do they really have the capability to do so?

Well, when you think about time travel, timelines, and time paradoxes then everything is possible. Believe us! DCs Legends of Tomorrow is a prime example of it. 


If you have followed Season 3 closely from the start, then we see that this time-traveling stuff was first introduced in Episode 2 (Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell). Although, it was a few months since Father Blackwood was missing, for him and his kids (Judas and Judith) it was 15 years. We never got a satisfactory answer to how Blackwood did this. What we believe is that it has to do something with time travel. 


Prudence being the daughter of Blackwood is arrogant and feisty, we can’t rule out the possibility that she can team up with Nick (a very capable warlock) to do some time traveling and get her sisters back.


Will Nick & Prudence Try To Alter The Timeline
Will Nick & Prudence Try To Alter The Timeline

We are eagerly awaiting for Season 4 and all we can say is finger’s crossed!


Image Source: Screenshots taken from the series

Written by: Afrose Shaikh & Absar Ahmad


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