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Click | 2006 Movie Review

Reviewed By: Absar Ahmad

The world of Adam Sandler is full of countless, senseless comedies with low-brow humor. However, you can always find a sensible movie here and there. Click of 2006 is one such movie with solid acting, an impressive plot, and an inspiring ending.

The film blends the trademark Adam Sandler juvenile humor and critical life lessons well. The direction is good so is the acting by the talented cast comprising seasoned Kate Beckinsale, Sean Austin, and Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken As The Mystery Guy Morty
Christopher Walken As The Mystery Guy Morty

The Plot

Like millions of middle-class people, Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) lives an unsatisfactory life. He is a talented and hard-working architect who is dreaming of making it big at his organization. Newman gets so engrossed in work that he forgets his family and friends. In a way, he is not living in the present rather always worries about a better future for his family. Despite having a supportive wife and parents and understanding young children, Newman is not happy with his life. He literally wants to control it and wants a universal remote to ease his life. And that’s what he gets.

One day, after fleeing the fight with Donna (Kate Beckinsale), Newman lands at a mysterious place. Here, he meets Morty (Christopher Walken). He asks for a universal remote control for all his troubles at home. Morty takes him to a godown and gives him an intriguing piece of new technology, which he claims is not yet out in the market. At first, Newman was suspicious of Morty about why he is giving the remote for free, but eventually, he accepts it.

Kate Beckinsale As Donna In Click Movie
Kate Beckinsale As Donna In Click Movie

From here on, Newman’s life changes 360%. It turns out that the remote is not meant for devices only but humans too. The mysterious remote has the power to rewind, fast forward, pause, and play its owner’s life. More importantly, it programs itself as per the user’s intention and desires. Soon, Newman realizes that he is on auto-pilot and the remote is fast-forwarding his life without his wish. 

Will Newman ever get the chance to make corrections in his life? Watch the climax to learn yourself. 

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Three Life Lessons To Learn From Click 2006 Movie

  1. Never take your family and life for granted. You may not realize their value now, but when they are no longer there, life has no meaning even when you have everything else in this world.
  2. Never try to impress someone who hardly gives a shit about your efforts. Much like Ammer, who is always unimpressed by Newman despite doing everything to impress him.
  3. Never try to skip moments of your life even when they are not so pleasant for you. We only live once, so let us make the most of it. Money and fame will come if you have the blessings of our family and the goodwill of your friends. 

I may be sounding a bit preachy here, but Click really clicked for me. I watched it twice before writing this review. The first time, I was only a son, but now I am a father too. I can easily relate to this film. Because like Newman, I too many times forget everything that I have in the present moment for achieving something that is far away.

Adam Sandler In A Completely Different Avatar In Click
Adam Sandler In A Completely Different Avatar In Click

My Two Cents About This Film

I like the way Click puts in a heavy dose of emotions without disrupting the overall comic flow. Much of this is due to Mr. Sandler’s acting prowess. He is a versatile actor, and it is evident in this 2006 comedy-drama movie. I am giving Click 9 out of 10. I watched it twice, and on both occasions, I cried. The reason: Click hits your heart and makes you realize the importance of the fact that “Family Comes First.”

Do watch this Adam Sandler gem on Netflix now!

The World of Movies Rating – 09/10

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