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Tanhaji – Movie Review

Definitely a must watch, but do cross check your history facts before giving it to the misconceptions! The World of Movies Rating 07/10.

Guilty Netflix Movie Review

America in Delhi.. the Uni, Cafeteria, Dorms, Band, even a scene on the Basketball court. The foul language used, the clothes worn by the students, drug abuse shown are all in the superlative yet true and what's really happening.. Perhaps not inside our colleges but still in the lives of Indian students. The actors, director, writer and cinematographer, the whole team of 'Guilty' has totally pulled it off.

Chhappad Phaad Ke – Movie Review

Surprise package is younger sis, Ketaki (Sheetal Thakur) who works, rides a scooter, has a boyfriend and is generally in sync with the times yet fits in with the almost dysfunctional father's pattern.

Thappad Movie Review

Nahi Maar Sakta, agree and Amrita can't just fall out of love without an underlying cause. To sustain a marriage is an effort. Issues have to be addressed, dreams and passions too!