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Bombay Begums | Netflix Original Review

Reviewed by: Namita Tribhuwan

Bombay Begums Review by Namita Tribhuwan
Bombay Begums Review by Namita Tribhuwan

Bombay Begums is complex, intense, elegant, realistic, and artistic in every aspect of a show. It is creatively excellent and an honest show, showing the reality of a woman that she goes through every stage of her life.

All episodes in Bombay Begums revolve around Royal Bank whose CEO is Rani (Pooja Bhatt), she is a middle-aged woman who is battling her pesky menopause and the dirty politics of bankers. She re-hires a fresher Ayesha (Plabita Borthakur) who was fired by Fatima (Shahana Goswami) the aspiring banker with impending motherhood. Ayesha is appointed to work in the CSR department that is working to rehabilitate a prostitute Lily (Amruta Subhash) who is fighting all odds for the future of her son.

A very special mention to Ms. Pooja Bhatt, for portraying her character Rani with such brilliance. She brings so much more into the character. Her poise, elegant demeanor, powerful stance, intense emotions, and impeccable portrayal of successful and powerful corporate leader, and fabulous acting, speaks volumes of her acting ability. I cannot even imagine any Bollywood actresses who could justify the character Rani better than Pooja. It is a perfect comeback for her.

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The remarkable fact about Bombay Begums is that all its characters – big or small and male or female – have grey shades to them. No one is elegantly clean; no one is repulsively evil either. They are imperfect persons vying for name and existence in this material world. The plot is interesting and the undercurrents between males and females are very realistic especially when one looks at the professional and personal world.

Bombay Begums - A 2021 Netflix Original Web Series
Bombay Begums – A 2021 Netflix Original Web Series

Ayesha is shown as a bisexual who is confused about her preferences. Fatima loves her hubby but still gives in to the temptation of a torrid affair. Shai is a confused soul who speaks through her art and misses her dead mom to a point where she is living a fantasy life.

All said and seen, the series’ biggest positives are the magnificent performances from this girl gang – all of them. Pooja Bhatt and Shahana Goswami are clear standouts.

Thoroughly enjoyed binge-watching. Can’t wait to watch Season 2. Hope they make it available soon.


The World of Movies Rating 09/10


Title: Bombay Begums

Year of Release: 2021

Written by: Alankrita Shrivastava, Bornila Chatterjee, Iti Agarwal

Bombay Begums Cast: Pooja Bhatt as Rani Irani, Shahana Goswami as Fatima Warsi, Amruta Subhash as Lily, Plabita Borthakur as Ayesha, Aadhya Anand as Shai, Manish Choudhary as Deepak Sanghvi, Rahul Bose as Mahesh Rao, Imaad Shah as Ron, Danish Husain as Naushad Irani, Nauheed Cyrusi as Piya, Vivek Tandon as Cyrus Dastur, Deepak Soni as raj Parkar.

Directed by: Alankrita Shrivastava, Bornila Chatterjee

Genre: Drama, Web Series, TV Series

Number of Seasons: 01

Number of Episodes: 06

Episode Length: 38-60 minutes each

Original Network: Netflix

Production Companies: Ëndemol Shine India, Chernin Entertainment

Distributor: Netflix

*Images created from screenshots captured from the series.

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