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10 Best Motivational Movies On Netflix That Can Help You Stay Focused

Written By: Sumit Kesheri

There are a lot of must-watch motivational movies that can be located on Netflix. These are of different genres right from comedy to thriller and etc. When we talk about films to watch then, I am sure the first platform that comes to most of our minds is Netflix, since they have various movies in different genres and different languages to watch. The internet has evolved drastically, and there have been numerous options available online about video streaming networks. 

Among all the OTT platforms, #Netflix still remains the favorite of many movies and TV Shows buffs. The quantity is immense in the medium of Netflix when it comes to films. We might struggle across to what movies to watch and which one’s to ignore. The last film that I gave a shot was Babysitter, and after watching it -I say it was a waste of time. So, I wouldn’t prefer your time to be wasted like mines and check out some of these Best Motivational Movies on Netflix- that you might find it interesting:


Lion - A 2016 Australian Biographical Drama Movie
Lion – A 2016 Australian Biographical Drama Movie

Image source: graffitiwithpunctuation.com

Lion’s story is inspiring that gives the motivation of no boundaries can separate the love of a mother from her child. It’s the emotion that will keep you delving more and more into the storyline of the film. The ending of the film is worth applauding, and you indeed find your time justified. If ever in life you lose the hope of not being loved or cared, this film might help you motivate and keep up the hopes alive in you.

2.The Founder

The Founder - A 2016 Biographical Drama Movie
The Founder – A 2016 Biographical Drama Movie

Image Source: Rogerebert.com

Food has the potential of winning yourself the fame of glory throughout the world if you are determined to succeed. The Founder motivates in the prospect of not losing hope and continuing dreaming even if you fail but not let failures come your way. The story relates to making a burger famous worldwide which is now known as McDonald’s. A well-written script and inspires you to remain focused.

3.Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby - A 2004 American Sports Drama Movie
Million Dollar Baby – A 2004 American Sports Drama Movie

Image Source: britannica.com

A powerful melodrama journey about a man taking on the biggest hustle of converting a tough young girl into a great fighter. The story might be simple, and we might have witnessed stories like this in the past, but the film’s strength is the scripting. Giving you the feeling of immense emotions and inspiring viewers to go for the aim of life. Million Dollar Baby is a film to be receiving viewers’ attention, and if you’ve kept ignoring the movie from Netflix for a long time. Then I highly recommend to give the film a chance for your views, and you shall find it worth your time.

4. The Social Network

The Social Network - A 2010 American Biographical Drama Movie
The Social Network – A 2010 American Biographical Drama Movie

Image Source: Wired.com

Today Facebook, or rather Social Network sites, have become a vital part of life. A story primarily focusing on the success of Facebook. What was the troublesome the platform had to face, alongside lawsuits that were filed against Facebook? The film was rendered with immense applause, love and likes by critics as well as the audience. Which made it fetch three Oscars wins.  A biography well written and presented with a perfect soundtrack. The Social Network will motivate you to continue with your plan even though significant obstacles are coming your way.


Moneyball - A 2011 American Biographical Sports Drama Movie
Moneyball – A 2011 American Biographical Sports Drama Movie

Image Source: YouTube

In the world of sports, anything can happen, and it doesn’t take ages for any miracle to take place on the ground. Moneyball is a sports drama-where we get to see the trust of the actual leader of the team. Who, despite knowing the fact that the team is underrated, persists in the belief of making the team realize its potentials bring them to resistance. If you want to give a second thought of watching it or not, I suggest you don’t think, tune into Netflix and watch this fantastic motivational film.


Guru - A 2007 Indian Bollywood Drama Movie
Guru – A 2007 Indian Bollywood Drama Movie

Image Source: filmcompanion.in

With Abhishek Bachchan’s excellence, portraying the inspiring character of Dhirubhai Ambani-Guru can kick you to get up and start dreaming. Few films create an impression in our lives that how complex the task may be, I shall never be defeated. A story is not only justified with its writing- it understands its significance with some hard-hitting punches. The film’s ending speech gives one the goosebumps to understand what a specific skill of an individual can do in life.

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Unbroken - 2014 American War Movie
Unbroken – 2014 American War Movie

Image Source: TimeMagazine

If you can take it,  you can make it- Unbroken is based on an Olympic runner’s true story. Who bears the torment of being a prisoner of war with courage and doesn’t let his nation’s pride break comfortably. With the film’s portrayal, you will be fond of it. The narrative will inspire you to be not an easy guy but rather a tough person-who is challenging to break. Very emotional, inspiring, and a definite winner to motivate an individual.

8.A beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind - A 2001 American Biographical Drama Movie
A Beautiful Mind – A 2001 American Biographical Drama Movie

Image Source: abeautiful.com

The film, A Beautiful Mind is a mathematical genius’s narrative on a dreading route of self-discovery. This investigates various phases of individual emotions. This is one of the best movies that ever explore the individual mind’s commitment, success, and heartbreaking stupidity. It reveals even the way the most beautiful folks battle their life.


Jobs - A 2013 American Biographical Drama Movie
Jobs – A 2013 American Biographical Drama Movie

Image Source: Mashable.com

A story that is put forward remarkably and certainly should gain the respect of the viewers. Jobs is mostly evolving the inspiring story of Steve Jobs in an emotional tone with comedy all in one place. We all live a life with some dreams to fulfill, but very else succeed-there is no path of life where one should give up without fighting. Jobs bring in the hope of continuing to run after your dream project and give it a shot with risk.


Eat Pray Love - A 2010 American Biographical Romantic Drama Movie
Eat Pray Love – A 2010 American Biographical Romantic Drama Movie

Image Source: Npr.com

The movie highlights the authentic significance of life, and it’s overflowing with lessons we all must know and understand. A story about a woman breaking out free after divorce and then exhibiting real strength and durability as she moves through the numerous challenges that encircle change, such as uncertainty, fear, loss, and doubt.

Finishing Up

Well, that concludes my list of a few of the recommendable motivational films that you can watch on Netflix. I hope that you will find the movies worth your precious time and a good watch. In life, we sometimes lack self belief-maybe the films above might help you rebuild that self-belief back in you.


Author Bio


My name is Sumit Kesheri. I am the man behind the making of Mowebiseedia.com & Kesheripictures.com. I formed the blog to share my recommendations about films and TV Shows to watch on the streaming platform. My spare time is mostly spent on mobile by watching either Netflix, Prime Videos, ZEE5, Hotstar or etc. I am always welcome to be friends of people who are movie addicts like me and can give some recommendations of films or series to watch online.


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