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The Queen’s Gambit | Miniseries Review | Netflix

#Netflix #DramaSeriesReview (For those who haven’t watched it)

The Queen’s Gambit follows the story of an orphan, who rises up to a chess prodigy, solely on her merits.

The Queen’s Gambit Storyline

It is a fictional story about a young and talented Beth Harmon, who grows up in an orphanage, after being brutally forsaken by her parents. She learns chess from a janitor in the basement of the orphanage. She is later adopted into a dysfunctional family where her adopted mother is an alcoholic and father, a detached shrewd businessman who mercilessly denies any relationship with Harmon on her face. 

Beth’s passion for chess takes her to various chess tournaments across the US where she emerges a clear winner. Forsaken, rejected and criticized by many since childhood, Beth is troubled by her inner demons and resorts to tranquilizers from a very early age and gets addicted to alcohol later.

Chess is her only passion and she thinks she has had it all till she meets her match in the Soviets in Mexico. Beating Vasily Borgov, the world chess champion, becomes her only goal in life.

After a couple of setbacks in chess and having wrecked mayhem in her own life, she journeys to Moscow alone with a dogged determination to battle the ace chess players for the world championship.

Few of her friends back home come to support her just before the big match against the titan but Harmon is in for a surprise, when she finds unexpected love, warmth and acceptance in a rival country, where chess is cherished by the elite and bourgeois alike.

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My Take On This Netflix Miniseries

The series is brilliantly taken and Anya Taylor-Joy is splendid and slips deftly into the skin of the character. The show covers the era of the 1960’s where chess was primarily a male dominant game and women were not even considered for the play. Chess was not a very popular game in the US then and the support the players got was meagre.

Anya Taylor-Joy Perfectly Portrays The Blend of Genius And Madness In The Queen's Gambit 2020 Netlix Miniseries
Anya Taylor-Joy Perfectly Portrays The Blend of Genius And Madness In The Queen’s Gambit 2020 Netlix Miniseries


My favorite part of the show was after the Soviets walked in. I loved Moscow, it’s grandeur and its people. The dignity with which the ace players accept their defeat is so heartwarming. Towards the end, I did feel like screaming out loud at Harmon to stay back in Moscow and spend the rest of her life to wake up, stroll every morning to the park and play chess with those old men rather than greeting a bottle of alcohol.


The tale of Beth Harmon is again an evidence that acceptance and appreciation changes everything. The game Harmon loves the most, finally decides to take her in its fold and pay her back in style.

A brilliant watch, do not miss it !!


The World of Movies Rating – A Perfect 10!


 Title: The Queen’s Gambit

Year of Release: 2020

Based on: The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis

Created by: Scott Frank, Allan Scott

Genre: Drama, Web Series, TV Series, Period Drama

Number of Seasons: 01

Number of Episodes: 07

Episode Length: 46-67 minutes each

Original Network: Netflix

Production Companies: Flitcraft Ltd, Wonderful Films

Distributed by: Netflix


Image source: Images taken and created from the Netflix Miniseries.

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