Top 15 Bollywood Movies of 2019

As we are approaching 2020 in a few days; The World of Movies takes a look at the Top Bollywood Movies of 2019. The list is compiled by our regular contributors and the editorial team. We have included only those movies that we have watched and felt that they deserve mention in this elite list. Also, there’s no hierarchy in numbering. 

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Mulk Movie Review

Direction and script are befitting and it’s a strictly no-nonsense movie. There is not much music. Mulk movie puts forward some serious questions and points in front of us by how we select between them and us. It does not take sides and still manages us to choose what we see. 

Very hard-hitting and sensitive subject, superbly portrayed. A must add in your watch list.

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Badla Movie Review

Amitabh Bachchan in a one location, one attire (suit-boot, tie-shie, collar bar & pin, pocket hanky in place) role, rules the movie. You don’t tire of his baritone nor the dialogues. You wish to repeat them in a “shayarana andaaz” and add a ‘wah-wah!’ Tapsee Pannu is more than just an eye candy in her sleek not messy avtar…

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