Midway – 2019 Movie Review

As the battle ends, both sides mourn their soldiers, we as audience mourn along with them as does the sea. You cannot help feel sorry for the Japanese soldiers who did not expect the ambush by their enemy and lose their lives for their country.

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Zombieland Movie Review

What to expect from the movie?

Right off the bat, the characters, the setting, and the music give the audience an excellent film. Ruben Fleischer has finely directed Zombieland to give us the best of the horror-comedy genre. The movie is a pure no-brainer throughout its brisk 88 minutes run time. It is a story of four people who are trying to escape zombies after a plague turned U.S into a Zombieland. The film has a subtle taste of humor, which I enjoyed too much. There are many instances where you end up laughing unconsciously.

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