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About Shyamala Nawab:

Shyamala Nawab – Popcorn Opinions
Anything but Shy!
After years of working, I eased into the more enjoyable but hectic role of being a full time wife, mother & personal assistant to the family very easily.
Movies blend my passion for travel, food, reading and observing people perfectly. I have no favorites as I enjoy all genres depending on the flavor of popcorn, just kidding.. depends on the mood of the moment or rather the flow of the movie. Good cinema can turn/bring ones mood to the movie being watched! What better than to share my view when I am opinionated.
We have a weekend ritual with our bestie couple of a dinner & movie, what is most important is to get recliner seats in a multiplex with the best popcorn & not miss the national anthem!

List of Web Series reviewed by Shyamala Nawab:

  1. Ghoul – 2018
  2. Four More Shots Please! Season 1 – 2019
  3. Made In Heaven – 2019
  4. Delhi Crime – 2019
  5. Sacred Games (Season 2) – 2019
  6. Jamtara (Season 1) – 2020
  7. Taj Mahal 1989 (Season 1) 2020
  8. Four More Shots Please! Season 2- 2020
  9. Bandish Bandits – (Season 1) 2020