Movie Review – 1917

War movies usually involve intense battle, they are action-packed with gunfights, fierce and brutal. But movies like 1917 and Dunkirk are one of a kind. They are shot with such creative brilliance that as an audience we cannot help but wonder “Can war movies be shot so beautifully?”

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1917 Movie Review

Talking about the technical aspects of the movie. Roger Deakins’s cinematography and Lee Smith’s editing are praiseworthy with many scenes captured beautifully through the camera lens. The color palette of the movie is remarkable and gives a realistic feel of the war-like situation. The last fight scene where Schofield is trying to reach Mackenzie by running parallel to the trench of marching British soldiers is the best scene of the movie. That’s the epitome of Sam Mendes’ mastery of movie-making. 

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Doctor Strange Movie Review – Discovering the unexplored dimensions of this Multiverse…!

The opening scene sets the tone for what you will get to see in the next two hours. It is one of the best scenes of the film.

The background score is just perfect what we expect in a superhero movie…

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