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Netflix: Good Girls Review

The main character Beth is selfish and emotional in basically every situation she is put in. She has these opportunities to show that she is a strong independent character yet even when she makes a "Boss” move it is made irrelevant by the upcoming events.

Star Wars – The First Trilogy Review

STAR WARS is a global phenomena which casts it’s magic sweeping the audience off their feet for nearly two decades.

City of Dreams | Disney+ Hotstar | Season 1 & 2 Review

City of Dreams is a game of chess called Politics played by a father daughter duo Amey Rao Gaikwad and Poornima Gaikwad. And it is going to win your hearts.

Mimi 2021 Hindi Movie Review | Netflix

Mimi is a very unusual, realistic, blockbuster, emotional movie. Mimi delivers a strong message on "Surrogacy".

Emily in Paris | Season 1 Review

So, if you want to take a chill pill, and bask in some comfy drama, with oodles of emotions on your couch, please watch Emily in Paris!!!

Jupiter’s Legacy | Netflix Original Season 1 Review

Jupiter’s Legacy offers nothing novel but the same old cliched storytelling. I am giving this Netflix Original 7 out of 10. The show lags at too many places, and the idea of showing two timelines in the same 8-episode season does not click for me.

Bombay Begums | Netflix Original Review

All said & seen, the series' biggest positives are the magnificent performances from this girl gang - all of them. Read Bombay Begums review!

Ajeeb Daastaans | 2021 Netflix Review

Ajeeb Daastaans dwells on topics like revenge, love, entitlement, homosexuality, jealousy, lust in a span of more than two hours. Every story reveals a shocking end.

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