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News of The World | 2020 Movie Review

Most of the supporting cast is given little screen time, and they disappear into oblivion once the Captain and Johanna embark on their next stop.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai | Pakistani Drama Review

I wonder whether we can ever show such subtlety in our serials here in India. I doubt, seeing the current trend of Ekta Kapoor serials or Hindi serials of other online streaming platforms which unnecessarily use idiotic sex scenes and cuss words just to increase the TRP which leave a bad taste in the mouth. They don't realize they are corrupting the minds of a whole new generation.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League | A Critical Movie Review

I guess that is it, to sum it all up, Justice League Snyder Cut is nothing special, it’s not what it’s made out to be, much of its praise can be linked to just the eagerness or even sympathy of fans for Snyder.

Click | 2006 Movie Review

I am giving Click 9 out of 10. I watched it twice, and on both occasions, I cried. The reason: Click hits your heart and makes you realize the importance of the fact that “Family Comes First.”

The Wilds | Season 1 Review | Amazon Original

Right off the bat, it is hard for them to accept each other. But eventually, they embrace each other’s presence and importance.

Lahore Confidential Review – A 2021 ZEE5 Original Film

Lahore Confidential is a story that you can clearly gauge what the end would be. It could have been a great story of love and deceit but ends very hastily.

10 Best Motivational Movies On Netflix That Can Help You Stay Focused

Check out some of these Best Motivational Movies on Netflix- that you might find it interesting. An interesting article by Sumit Kesheri.

Iron Man – 2 | 2010 Movie Review

Iron Man - 2 has a lot of fucking weak parts. The main plot is pure crap. It is typical and unoriginal.

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