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Emily in Paris | Season 1 Review

So, if you want to take a chill pill, and bask in some comfy drama, with oodles of emotions on your couch, please watch Emily in Paris!!!

Jupiter’s Legacy | Netflix Original Season 1 Review

Jupiter’s Legacy offers nothing novel but the same old cliched storytelling. I am giving this Netflix Original 7 out of 10. The show lags at too many places, and the idea of showing two timelines in the same 8-episode season does not click for me.

Bombay Begums | Netflix Original Review

All said & seen, the series' biggest positives are the magnificent performances from this girl gang - all of them. Read Bombay Begums review!

Ajeeb Daastaans | 2021 Netflix Review

Ajeeb Daastaans dwells on topics like revenge, love, entitlement, homosexuality, jealousy, lust in a span of more than two hours. Every story reveals a shocking end.

Tashkent Files | ZEE5 Movie Review

The USP of Tashkent Files is its star cast. The protagonist Shweta Basu  has done a terrific job as a young journo. She deserves accolades for this movie.

The Vineyard | Season 1 Review

It is only then these two incredible individuals have their first encounter, in Jerez, when they come together, it is nothing short of magic. But their pasts haunt them and danger comes in their pursuit.

News of The World | 2020 Movie Review

Most of the supporting cast is given little screen time, and they disappear into oblivion once the Captain and Johanna embark on their next stop.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai | Pakistani Drama Review

I wonder whether we can ever show such subtlety in our serials here in India. I doubt, seeing the current trend of Ekta Kapoor serials or Hindi serials of other online streaming platforms which unnecessarily use idiotic sex scenes and cuss words just to increase the TRP which leave a bad taste in the mouth. They don't realize they are corrupting the minds of a whole new generation.

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