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Suleiman Mountain | Kyrgyz Movie Review

Suleiman Mountain Kyrgyz Movie
Suleiman Mountain Kyrgyz Movie

“An intelligent and skillful portrayal of Kyrgyz traditions, shamanic rituals, and folklore themes in a road trip movie with a sufficient pinch of family drama and sporadic comic elements”. Absar Ahmad 

I watched Suleiman Mountain during the 2020 Pune International Film Festival. It was my first and to this date last Kyrgyz movie. Directed by the talented Elizaveta Stishova, Suleiman Mountain has won awards at Eurasia International Film Festival. 

The film tells the story of Karabas (Asset Imangaliev) and his troublesome relationship with his family. It starts from an orphanage. Zhipara (Perizat Ermanbetova) is excited to find her long-lost son Uluk (Daniel Dayrbekov) in an orphanage. For Uluk, this is the best moment in his short life so far. He thinks his dad to be the best person and a hero after hearing about him from his mother. However, this joy does not last long as he faces the harsh reality of life. His father, Karabas, is nowhere where he would have wanted him to be.

Daniel Dayrbekov is impressive and expressive in his portrayal of Uluk
Daniel Dayrbekov is impressive and expressive in his portrayal of Uluk

Karabas is an instinctive gambler, erratic, and sort of insensitive man. To make things worse, he even has a young second wife and is known for his philandering nature in society.

Throughout the movie, we experience different shades of emotions in each relationship. The relationship between Uluk and Karabas where a young boy needs his father’s attention and love. The relationship between Turganbyubyu (Turgunai Erkinbekova) Karabas’ second wife, and Zhipara is fairly complex where the latter is highly insecure about her position in the presence of the former’s presence in her husband’s life.

A Scene From Suleiman Mountain Movie
A Scene From Suleiman Mountain Movie

The thing that I like about Suleiman Mountain is the fact this movie has authenticity and an appealing countryside flavor to it. What makes this movie even more interesting is the fact that it is directed by a person who is not even remotely related to Kyrgyzstan. Elizaveta Stishova is a Russian director and at no place in this movie, you would find any flaw in depicting the Kyrgyz life or culture. She has done a commendable job.

For this reason, I feel this movie deserves to be in my collection of CrossCulturalConnection cinema.


The World of Movies Rating: 07/10


Original Title: Sulayman too

English Title: Suleiman Mountain

Directed By: Elizaveta Stishova

Genre: Drama, International Cinema

Country of Origin: Russia, Kyrgyzstan

Languages: Kyrgyz

Year of Release: 2017

Suleiman Mountain Cast Members: Daniel Daiyerbekov, Perizat Ermanbetova, Asset Imangaliev, Turgunay Erkinbekova

Production Companies: Aitysh Film (co-production) Laeto Films (co-production) Virtual Kick Studio (production) Y-Yatsura (production)

Distributor: ANT!PODE Sales & Distribution

Netflix: Good Girls Review

Good Girls Poster Netflix
Good Girls Poster Netflix

Reviewed By: Namita Tribhuwan

Well, I watched all the 4 seasons at a slow pace in bits and pieces but for sure it’s a must watch because it has very enjoyable and extremely grounded characters with fantastic acting, smart and witty dialogue that makes you question: What would you do if you were in their place?

A Scene From The TV Series
A Scene From The TV Series

The characters mesh, and the storyline flows smoothly, slightly touching each other until it’s time to connect. The drama is sometimes heavy and has consequences that are balanced by a talented cast who can deliver the levity required to place you in their pumps. The cast has great chemistry, and they exploit that momentum during the soft moments, allowing the three main leads to really stretch their comedic legs.

And of course, you can’t talk about Good Girls without Rio. Kudos to the casting director for choosing Manny Montana, who adds some serious eye candy and carries the most weight of all the dramatic scenes on his shoulders. He’s lovable yet incredibly intimidating; scary but alluring; dangerous yet protective; most importantly, he’s unpredictable – our ladies are constantly in a state of flux regarding their standing with him and adds to their intense negotiations, interactions, and dealings.

The main character Beth is selfish and emotional in basically every situation she is put in. She has these opportunities to show that she is a strong independent character yet even when she makes a “Boss” move it is made irrelevant by the upcoming events.

Good Girls Netflix TV Series
Good Girls Netflix TV Series

Rudy is the only character who has made me laugh in all the 4 seasons. She is another character who is affected by the fact that she wants to be a good person. With her daughter being sick she has all the motivation in the world to be more aggressive and be a go-getter but is too focused on what is right or wrong instead of what needs to be done.

Annie, is Beth’s scrappy sister, a single mom with an anarchic streak that is sometimes the teensiest bit cartoony, the show’s most frequent indulgence.

Good Girls is a story filled with reality mixed with fantasy, drama, suspense, humor, family, friendship, insane and intense chemistry. A complete package!!


The World of Movies Rating: 8/10

Star Wars – The First Trilogy Review

Star Wars - First Trilogy
Star Wars - First Trilogy

Reviewed By: Anantha Alagappan

Movies 4,5, & 6

A magnum opus, a cult by itself, STAR WARS is an epic adventure, every child’s fantasy. Once a STAR WARS fan, always a STAR WARS fan. What started as one movie grew up to a franchise by itself, branching into films, animation series, video games, toys and books, a fictional world of  its own .

There are nine movies in the STAR WARS series. The first movie, which was made in 1977 is actually the fourth in the series, followed by the sequels, which are fifth and sixth in the whole series.

A Scene From Star Wars
A Scene From Star Wars

A prequel trilogy was made nearly 17 years later, which comprises movies 1, 2, & 3. The sequel trilogy, movies 7, 8, & 9 were made just a few years back after the franchise was bought by Disney.

The Storyline

The STAR WARS is about the adventure which happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and comprises characters which include humans, aliens, robots, & droids. These characters do space travel from one planet to another using space ships.

According to STAR WARS, there is a mystical force which balances the entire galaxy. There are few with whom this force is strong and these characters possess superpowers and can perform some supernatural actions.  Predictably, there are few good characters who use the force the right way, they are called Jedi. They believe in discretion and detachment and use the force to protect the galaxy. There is the opposite side, the dark side, who manipulate this force and use it to gain more power in the galaxy. These are called the Sith, and they use the power to gain control on various stars and planets in the galaxy and demolish life. They yearn for control.

Harrison Ford As Han Solo Went Out To Create History In Hollywood
Harrison Ford As Han Solo Went Out To Create History In Hollywood

The first trilogy which was released, introduces the two sides of the force and the forebearers of the same. The Jedi and the Sith possess equal powers and battle with their weapons, called the light sabers. The story starts with the dark side of the force establishing the Republic and threatening the Jedi almost extinct. Most of the Jedi succumb to the power of Darth Vader, the fierce knight of the dark side. Few Jedi who are alive are in hiding. Then comes Luke Skywalker, the torch bearer and a Jedi knight whose destiny is to battle Darth Vader and bring balance to the galaxy.

He is supported by very interesting and adorable characters, two droids, R2-D2 and 3PO, a human Han Solo, a wooky Chewy, and a beautiful princess Leah. Together, a handful of these rebels are up against the evil imperial knight of the mighty Galactic Empire, the Darth Vader.

Will they be able to defeat him and bring the galaxy back into order is the crux of the first trilogy?

My Two Cents On The First Trilogy

STAR WARS is a global phenomena which casts it’s magic sweeping the audience off their feet for nearly two decades. A trailer is enough to drive the audience mad. Every moment is so enjoyable and we keep clutching our seats to see who battles whom. The droids and the wooky are few of the most adorable characters which we ever witnessed on the celluloid screen.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo is no less than a super-man. His chemistry with princess Leah is electric. Darth Vader is a legend, every kid is attracted to the dark side of the force because of him. Yoda is adorable and his dialect became a whole new script by itself. Luke Skywalker, the ideal Jedi on whom the world places it’s trust, walks off winning everyone’s heart.

If you like Avengers, you will fall head over heels in love with STAR WARS. What are you waiting for? Charge up your light sabers and get ready to plunge in the inter galactic battle ! It is worth a fight. May the Force be with you !


The World of Movies Rating: 10/10!

City of Dreams | Disney+ Hotstar | Season 1 & 2 Review

City of Dreams_Web Series_Disney+Hotstar
City of Dreams Web Series Disney+ Hotstar

Reviewed By: Namita Tribhuwan

Mayanagari, popularly called City of Dreams is a spellbinding story with political and underworld twists and turns on Disney+ Hotstar. Well, if you want an Indian web series with some thriller and revenge then this is a must watch.

Suffice to say that this is a very ‘edge of the seat’ political thriller. The 1st season ended nicely at the cusp, raising the viewer’s expectations alive for the 2nd season. It is a well written script from every angle. There are twists and turns in every episode that make it binge worthy on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Praiya Bapat Packs A Punch With Her Breathtaking Performance in City of Dreams
Praiya Bapat Packs A Punch With Her Breathtaking Performance in City of Dreams

My Thoughts on City of Dreams Season 1 & 2

Season 1 starts off as a regular big city politics underworld nexus, but Season 2 soon evolves into exploring emotions.

Season 1 gives us the dirt on each of its characters, keeping it close to basic humanity of every single one of them. It opened with a murder attempt on one of Mumbai’s most powerful politicians, Ameya Rao Gaikwad played by the brilliant seasoned actor Atul Kulkarni. It is a season of brutal political fight between a brother and sister that ended with the murder of Ashish Gaikwad (Siddhart Chandekar), and the subsequent appointment of Poornima Gaikwad (Priya Bapat) as the interim Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra.

Season 2 is even bigger, unmerciful, and familial political tussle than before. Here the father-daughter duo Amey Rao Gaikwad and Poornima Gaikwad are willing to cross any line to rise above the other.

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The Crux of This Web Series

City of Dreams is a show that covers a woman’s revolt against her femininity, a twisted family where trust comes after betrayal, patriarchal conceits of the society. The web series is about a woman (Poornima Gaikwad) realizing her inner voice and then fighting for power in this men dominating world.  It is a story of a close-knit political family that falls apart due to conventional thinking.

All the lead actors are from the Marathi film industry but have blended so well into their characters that it’s difficult to say who was the best. Every character is important in the show. Eijaz Khan as Wasim Khan wins the heart. Priya Bapat is fantastic as she brings life to her role in both the seasons.

Eijaz Khan as Wasim Khan Wins The Heart With His Pyrotechnics in This Web Series
Eijaz Khan as Wasim Khan Wins The Heart With His Pyrotechnics in This Web Series

Both the seasons are not long and dragging like most of the contemporary web series on any OTT platforms nowadays. Hat’s off to Mr. Nagesh Kukunoor and his team who created this wonderful web series that is perfectly timed and worth every scene.

Eagerly waiting for Season 3…

City of Dreams is a game of chess called Politics played by a father daughter duo Amey Rao Gaikwad and Poornima Gaikwad. And it is going to win your hearts.


The World of Movies Rating: 9/10


Title: City of Dreams

Hindi Title: Mayanagari

Year of Release: 2019

Created & Written by: Nagesh Kukunoor, Rohit Banawlikar

City of Dreams Cast: Priya Bapat as Poornima Rao Gaikwad, Siddharth Chandekar as Ashish Rao Gaikwad, Eijaz Khan as Wasim Khan, Atul Kulkarni as Amey Rao Gaikwad, Sushant Singh.

Genre: Drama, Web Series, TV Series, Political Thriller

Number of Seasons: 02

Number of Episodes: 20

Episode Length: 38-54 minutes each

Original Network: Disney+ Hotstar

Production Companies: Applause Entertainment Ltd., Kukunoor Movies

Distributor: Hotstar

*Images created from screenshots captured from the series.