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Iron Man – 2 | 2010 Movie Review

Iron Man - 2 - Movie Poster
Iron Man - 2 - Movie Poster

Reviewed by: Arslan Altaf Soomro

Okay, I like this movie. I like it a bit higher than Iron Man – 1 as well, even though it is not better than it objectively. What I mean is that I enjoyed it more than any movie of MCU Phase-I. Iron Man – 2 movie is actually a really major upgrade to the first movie of Iron Man Series with enlargement of characters, which was fun and recasting of James Rhodes with Don Cheadle, he fits nicely and he is just a better actor anyway. 

The dialogues are also nicer here, the action sequences are far more satisfying here, CGi is also good enough and characters are actually fun. The screenplay is written by Justin Theroux, the guy from HBO’s The Leftovers – I mean fuck yeah! And, I loved his mature writing here. I just loved how he tried to make it more smart, more normal, and more relatable. I loved this scene in the end where Rhodes and Tony were talking. It is written really well. 

Rhodes: Tony, look, I’m sorry, okay?

Tony: Don’t be.

Rhodes: No. I should have trusted you more.

Tony: I’m the one who put you in this position. Forget it.

Rhodes: No. It’s your fault. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.

These dialogues have nothing big but just look how mature, realistic, and relatable they are. This is feeling like some real friends talking with each other normally. “Yeah, buddy it was your fault but I am just sorry” – subtle emotions are visible in this talk between them. Thank God! This is not “oKaY my fRiEnD, yOu wErE aLwAyS rIgHt, I wAs wRoNg and blah blah blah… Overdramatic bullshit to send straight messages and lessons towards the audience. This is wonderful shit done here. I wish they would do this type of shit more in the MCU. They should write more nicely so my kids can enjoy and so could I. We both will have fun, Jane!

Robert Downey Jr. once again weaves his magic in 2010 Iron Man - 2 movie
Robert Downey Jr. once again weaves his magic in 2010 Iron Man – 2 movie

Iron Man – 2 Critical Analysis

Now the weak parts of this movie. And, believe me, Iron Man – 2 has a lot of fucking weak parts. The main plot is pure crap. It is typical and unoriginal. The main villain is pain, he is maybe the worst villain of this franchise. It was a good actor who plays the role but he couldn’t save this typical evil villain who has no profound depth and flair in him. This is the problem here. 

This movie’s screenplay is cool, dialogues are chad, and the part of Tony’s personal life and his issues with the government are pure love but when it comes to the overall story. It is pure crap. It is so dry. I wish they could have done something nice in the plot or at least they should not let the main typical story be a prominent factor of this movie. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I will keep this in my collection. But I know it is just above-average too.

Currently, you can watch this film on Disney+Hotstar.

                              The World of Movies Rating – 7/10

Movie Title: Iron Man – 2

Directed by: Jon Favreau 

Written by: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway

Main Cast: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man, Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia “Pepper” Potts, Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko / Whiplash, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Year of Release: 2010

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

Country of Origin: USA

Languages: English

Running Time: 124 minutes

Production Company: Paramount Pictures, Marvel Studios

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

Ida 2013 Movie Review

Ida 2013 Movie
Ida 2013 Movie

Reviewed by: Shahalam Tariq

In Paweł Pawlikowski’s 2013 masterpiece Ida, extremely toned down and simplistic visuals are sewn together with a sound design almost lacking any music entirely (except some of it here and there) into a fabric of the finest sublimity. 

The film’s silent sound design fills its empty space with subtle footsteps that resonate with the echoes of spirituality and humanity made oh so more powerful by the almost angelic visuals of the film. It’s a story of self-discovery, identity, love, and simply all that is human.

Screenplay wise there isn’t much in Ida in a quantitative sense but the quality of the screenplay is high, for when it hits, it hits hard. There is some dialogue of immense beauty to be found within the pages of Ida.

But then, its highlight is not the screenplay nor the music, it is the visuals and the silence, for with subtle touches of a soft almost invisible artistic hand the film stirs the oceans of the heart giving rise to waves of intense and deep emotions. Ida is that space between the music in which the essence of the entire piece is condensed into, it is that silence between the words in which all that was truly meant to be said by the heart is said, Ida is poetry in its highest degree. I do not think that a greater spiritual film exists, for the way I could relate to this film that too in the strangest, most abstract way is much reminiscent of the deepest emotions I have ever felt.

Ida is simply a visual treat for World Cinema lovers
Ida is simply a visual treat for World Cinema lovers

The film’s direction of course is another highlighting factor, there are scenes in the film that consist of just simple acts being committed, yet it is through Pawlikowski’s direction that those simple everyday acts become reflective of the very humanity of human beings, this film has the most power, most beautiful and most poetic death scene I have ever witnessed in my history of cinema.

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I must say, this film never overdid anything, everything felt natural and was subtle, it is a film that shall grow old dearly in the museums of my heart’s artistic passions.

Even writing this much on this film was difficult so that’s it, a review or not this surely is an odd to probably my most favorite film of all time.

And of course, it’s a 10/10!


 The World of Movies Rating – 10/10

Movie Title: Ida

Directed by: Paweł Pawlikowski

Written by: Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Paweł Pawlikowski

Ida Movie Cast: Agata Kulesza as Wanda Gruz, Agata Trzebuchowska as Anna / Ida Lebenstein, Dawid Ogrodnik as Lis, Adam Szyszkowski as Feliks Skiba, Jerzy Trela as Szymon Skiba

Year of Release: 2014

Genre: Drama

Country of Origin: Poland, Denmark, France, United Kingdom

Languages: Polish, Latin, French

Running Time: 82 minutes

Production Company: Opus Film, Danish Film Institute 

Distributed by: Music Box Films

Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie

When Marnie Was There | 2014 Animation Movie Review | Netflix

When Marnie Was There 2014 Animation Movie
When Marnie Was There 2014 Animation Movie

Reviewed By: Umar Bin Adnan

When Marnie Was There came out in 2014 and is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. It tells the story of Anna, an antisocial girl who is sent to temporarily live with her relatives in a small town where she befriends a mysterious girl, Marnie. As the story continues, Anna becomes more and more obsessed with finding out who Marnie really is. I’m not a big anime fanatic, however, I really do enjoy watching Ghibli movies even though I haven’t seen many. While Grave of the Fireflies is my favourite Ghibli movie, When Marnie Was There comes mighty close to achieving that spot. 

When Marnie Was There Review & Technical Aspects

The animation is gorgeous. It is something that is just light years ahead of any western animation I’ve seen so far this century and really you can say that about any Ghibli movie ever. Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke and When Marnie Was There have my favourite animation of any animated movie ever. In this movie, the animation makes this movie come to life with how perfect everything flows and I was just stunned thinking that people actually sat down to sketch these frames. One of my favourite aspects of the movie is how the birds are animated. It may seem odd to you, however, the attention to detail that went into sketching only the birds and their movement really blew my mind. So the animation is perfect just like every other Ghibli movie is top-notch yet gives a distinct personality to this movie.


The theme of the family I found to be really strong in this movie. Without spoiling anything, the movie discusses the idea of family, is it just limited to our blood relatives or can we also consider other people to be family too? Sometimes we live our lives oblivious to what our parents or grandparents have done for us and when we get to realize that, it is usually too little too late however, we can rejoice at the moments we spent with them. These moments and their legacy are something that is engraved in the annals of time and nothing can erase it. This idea is discussed extensively throughout When Marnie Was There and especially towards the ending which (without spoiling anything) leaves you with a tear in your eye but also a smile on your mouth.

A Scene From The Movie When Marnie Was There
A Scene From The Movie “When Marnie Was There”

Why Should You Watch This Animation Movie?

The central mystery of the film keeps the viewer on their seat however, it also serves as a central theme. It goes to show us about how you may know a lot about a person yet know nothing about them. It perfectly captures the human behaviour of perception and how flawed this behaviour actually is. We might perceive other people to have seemingly perfect lives however, we can’t ever fully know the truth of their lives without living it. In the same way, we might perceive our own lives to be something that it might not be in actuality. Both of these aspects of the human experience are perfectly captured by the main mystery of this movie.


Trauma and how we process it are central to this movie. The story of this movie signifies the importance of trauma in life and how trauma ultimately helps us grow and be grateful. It can help us form connections with certain people that would’ve been impossible to form had the trauma been absent. This is something addressed throughout the second half of this movie. When Marnie Was There basically tells the viewer that trauma is inevitable and every person faces it somewhere or the other but by sharing that trauma with someone we trust, we can learn from it and ultimately grow.


My Final Two Cents About This Film

In the end, I think When Marnie Was There is a masterclass in animation, storytelling and is a movie that both kids and adults will adore. This is the type of entertainment that kids should watch rather than something illogical and childish like most western animated movies made today. Adults can enjoy the mystery element of the movie while also falling in love with its metaphorical nature. Last but not the least, it is important to mention that the soundtrack and the score is an absolute gem and worth mentioning. I recommend this movie to everyone, even if anime is not your thing, do give this one a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.


 The World of Movies Rating – 9/10


Movie Title: When Marnie Was There

Directed by: Hiromasa Yonebayashi 

Based on: When Marnie Was There by Joan G. Robinson

Written by: Masashi Andō, Keiko Niwa, Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Year of Release: 2014

Genre: Animation, Drama, Family

Country of Origin: Japan

Languages: Japanese Original (English Dubbed)

Running Time: 103 minutes

Production Company: Dentsu

Distributed by: Netflix

Image Source: Screenshots taken from the movie.

Tandav Review | 2021 Web Series | Amazon Prime

Tandav 2021 Web Series Review On Amazon Prime Video
Tandav 2021 Web Series Review On Amazon Prime Video

Reviewed By: Namita Tribhuwan

What Tandav Web Series Is About?

Today’s hot topic in India is COVID19 and the on-going Farmers Protest. Well, Tandav has just caught the right nerve by starting its first season with the hottest topic the Farmers Protests.

The 9-episode web series has a big star cast with some outstanding actors that includes Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sunil Grover, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Kumud Mishra, Gauahar Khan among many, many others.

Tandav is all about politics where a strong party which has been in power for two terms, has many ambitious politicians who are eyeing the “Kursi” and are working behind the throne and clearly know who their enemy is.

In the other part, there is the student’s politics in the university, called the Vivekanand National University, where students are seen roaming around shouting slogans like “Azadi” and a Muslim youth dumped into the jail without any recourse. Sounds familiar right, well that is what India is all about and so is Tandav created and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

A Scene From Tandav Web Series On Amazon Prime Video
A Scene From Tandav Web Series On Amazon Prime Video

Tandav Storyline

The series begins with the father Devki Nandan Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia) and son Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan) struggling to get to the throne. It clearly tells you in the first scene, these two are tied by blood but are the biggest rivals.

And then, there is Sunil Grover, who we have seen in many comedy shows, but his entry as Grupal Chauhan in the first episode hits the nail in the coffin. He is just outstanding in the first scene itself. He is Samar’s truthful ‘Yes Man’ in the series, where he pets his cat to overcome his guilt of the crime.

Sunil Grover Makes A Long Lasting Impression In This Political Web Series
Sunil Grover Makes A Long Lasting Impression In This Political Web Series

We also have the talented and beautiful Anuradha Kishore (Dimple Kapadia), who is hungry for power and has her canny assistant behind her Maithili (Gauahar Khan). Gopal Das (Kumud Mishra) a senior party leader with Anup Soni as Kailash, the lower caste leader who knows the value of holding on to his anger.

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With university elections, we see Shiva Shekhar (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) chants for ‘Azadi’ in words that have become far too familiar to us in recent days. Shiva has no political inspiration but with all the circumstances that unfold around his friends …push him into the dirty politics.

All-in-all “Tandav” is the same that you read in newspapers and see on the news channels only in the form of a web series.

So, if you want to watch some power-pack performances go watch Tandav and its picture of the current Indian socio-political landscape.

The World of Movies Rating – 8/10

Title: Tandav

Season: 01

Year of Release: 2021

Original Network: Amazon Prime Video

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Writers: Gaurav Solanki, Ali Abbas Zafar

Tandav Cast Members: Saif Ali Khan as Samar Pratap Singh, Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore, Sunil Grover as Gurpal Singh, Kumud Misra as Gopal Das Munshi, Tigmanshu Dhulia as Devki Nandan Singh, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Shiva Shekhar, Parv Kaila as Vishal Awasthi, Anup Soni as Kailash Kumar, Sarah Jane Dias as Ayesha Pratap Singh, Priyal Mahajan as Rhea Pratap Singh, Neha Hinge as Garima Deswal, Paresh Pahuja as Raghu Kishore Singh, Kritika Kamra as Sana Mir, Gauahar Khan as Maithili Sharan, Kritika Avasthi as Richa Avasthi, Tasneem Khan as Disha Kapoor, Dino Morea as Professor Jigar Sampath, Sandhya Mridul as Professor Sandhya Nigam, Shonali Nagrani as Aditi Mishra, Amyra Dastur as Ada Mir, Hiten Tejwani as Ajay Ahluwalia, Sukhmani Sadana as Divya Ahluwalia, Jaimin Panchal as Protestor, Bhavna Choudhary as Preeti Singh

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action, Web Series, TV Series

Number of Seasons: 01

Number of Episodes: 09

Episode Length: 26-38 minutes each