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Absar Ahmad
Me at 15th Pune International Film Festival

I try to explore different “Genres” and always crave for Movies that are interesting as well as expressive in their narration. I am a big fan of Hollywood, but it is not the only “International Cinema” available to us. I look out for movies from across the globe. I also love to attend different Film Festivals with Pune International Film Festival and Jaipur International Film Festival being my favorites.

“The World of Movies” is an initiative as well as a dream project for me. My aim is to review movies in an easy as well as layman way for the “masses”. We all love movies and they are a part of our lives. Through my site, I wish to review as many movies as I can from the “World Cinema” as well as the regional cinema of my country. Many of us want to know about different cultures and countries. In my view, movies are an excellent source to learn about different people and their culture, in addition to their political situation.

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