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Monthly Archives: May, 2019

Kaccha Limbu – Movie Review

It's learning the hard way for the Katdare family to accept the fact and find their way to happiness. Shaila starts finding comfort in her boss. On the other side, Mr. Katdare is busy saving up for a trust they called  ‘Bacchu Fund’ for Bacchu’s afterlife and for parents who are in the same situation as them.With no songs in the film, debutant director, Prasad Oak makes sure that the story keeps us hooked to the seat till the very end. The entire movie is shot in black and white which shows lost hope and color shade perfectly suits the gray shades of the storyline. It is no surprise that it has been released in Marathi cinema. Hats off to Prasad Oak to take a such a sensitive subject in his debut movie and presenting it in a very sensible way.

A Brief History Of Polish Cinema

The history of Polish cinema coincides in a parallel way according to the Polish political history. We could say the first Polish film was "Antoś pierwszy raz w Warszawie" (Antoś for the First Time in Warsaw) by Antoni Fertner, premiered on October 22, 1908; even we had other cinema initiatives with Kazimierz Prószyński, who patented his camera before the Lumière brothers. Polish films were very famous across many points in Europe before the first World War, and they were even shown in Berlin, Germany, starring the extremely famous legendary actress--Pola Negri. Eugeniusz Bodo and Mieczyslawa Cwiklinska are other important actors around this time.

The Wave – Movie Review

Uthaug uses some great conventions to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. One element is time; the town residents all know that they have exactly ten minutes from the time they hear the evacuation sirens until they are hit with a giant, life-obliterating tsunami. Watching the countdown is suspenseful and really put me into the moment in the film. Another great convention is that the Kristian knows exactly what elevation he must reach to be safe from the onrushing water. It’s a little bit of a conceit that the main character has a watch that tells him his exact elevation, but I found it engaging nonetheless.

Skyfire Trailer Review: A One Of Its Kind ZEE5 Sci-fi Thriller Drama

The trailer starts looking interesting and gives you ample idea of what the web series has on offer for us. However, I would like to share my opinion on the special effects and background score of Skyfire web series. I am surprised to see such great effects and complementing background score. Having watched many western apocalyptic-themed movies and series, I will expect something extraordinary in terms of graphics and music. In Skyfire, I am sure the makers have given enough attention to these visuals aspects. In the end, I would conclude by saying that you got to watch this one for sure.

Music Teacher 2019 Movie Review

After years of denial Beni realises he wants Jyotsna back in his life and even ends up fighting with his best friend, Shankar for this in a shanty typical of small towns. The movie begins beautifully with numbers from old Hindi movies but soon slows and breaks down aimlessly with quite a few key notes left unsaid. Most importantly we don't find out why Beni doesn't go with Jyotsna in the first place!

Ocean’s 8 Movie Review

  Ocean’s 8 - Prime Amazon - 8/10 Fans of the trilogy must watch.. Yet another heist led by a group of women!! Danny Ocean's sister, Debbie,...

Lost and Found Marathi Movie Review

Lost and Found (2016 Film) Lost and Found Marathi Movie Review: It's become so easy to stay in touch these days no matter what corner...

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