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Monthly Archives: April, 2019

Shonar Pahar – Movie Review

A beautifully woven story which doesn't need knowledge of the language to be part of Uma and Bitlu’s precious friendship. The social message of the unfortunate abuse and abandonment of parents in their silver years is strong too. The treasure of love which we don't have to go far to the golden mountains to search for has been well captured in poems and a couple of very meaningful songs.

Remember Sunday Movie Review

The movie has its moments.. in a skating rink with the Abba's Dancing Queen playing; then again when Gus shows Molly a shooting star and explains how we are all made from Stardust.. Calcium being in our bones and Iron in the blood. One funny scene which is actually sad is when Gus is horrified everytime Jerry mentions his break up and divorce with ex Brenda which Gus just doesn't remember. Also the grouch Baptiste, owner of the cafe Molly works at gets his share of laughs for his one liners. To fall in love with someone every single day.. Again and again.. May be romantic and does linger but leaves a dull ache in the stomach which a sequel would help cure…

Ishaan Khattar Wins His First Filmfare: Facts About The Heartthrob

He came, he acted, and he conquered the audience! This is how I would describe the latest Bollywood heartthrob, Ishaan Khattar. From getting inclined towards dance at a very young age to acting in what is said to be the most romantic movie of 2018 - Dhadak, Ishaan Khattar is not just another new face in Bollywood. With the movie being available on ZEE5, fans can catch Dhadak full movie as many times as they want.

Firebrand Movie Review

Firebrand Movie has an excellent theme of unbiased choices but falls short of reality and ends abruptly on a hurried note as if the director didn't want to tap on the angle chosen lest he bring down the wrath of the morale brigade!

Kaksparsh Movie Review

Dialogues are strong and music goes hand in hand with the story line. This movie makes us change the definition of Love. There is no fooling around or romantic scenes just eye contact and willingness to claim a person you love is just overwhelming.

Delhi Crime Review

Awesomely directed by  Richie Mehta, each scene has been shot with intensity and the cinematography, editing, casting and costumes too deserve applause.

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