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Monthly Archives: January, 2019

Arjun Reddy – Movie Review

I do not understand Telugu so had to depend on the subtitles to lol, frown and rejoice with the protagonist, Vijay Deverakonda as and in Arjun Reddy. Vijay is breathtakingly good looking, especially with the flowy locks.

Pihu – Movie Review

The movie is heart wrenching, scary, depressing and empathetic. Instead of intriguing you to see more, it rather leaves you with feeling of 'No More'.

Beyond Words – Movie Review

English Title - Beyond Words Original Title - Pomiędzy słowami Direction - Urszula Antoniak Country - Poland / Netherlands Language - Polish & German Releasing Year - 2017 Genre - Drama Beyond Words Storyline Michael (Jakub Gierszał) is 28...

Cabaret on Film – Then & Now

The modern Cabaret culture has its origin in post-World War - I Germany. In Bollywood contrary to the popular belief Cabaret was introduced much earlier than Helen made it her own. It was Cuckoo (an Anglo-Indian performer) in late 1940s and early 1950s ...

Disco Polo – Movie Review

The film's photography is hyper-colorful and the music is so vivid that it invites you to watch this production as a genuine belated jewel of Disco Polo, the 90's Polish urban-folk music by excellence.

Photon 2017 – Movie Review

This 2017 movie has won, deservedly, several prizes across Copenhagen, Toronto, New York, Sydney, Moscow, London and all around Poland obviously.

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