The Long Road Home By Danielle Steel – Novel Review

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“A Child’s Broken World”

The Long Road Home Novel Review

Before I give an insight on this book, I must admit I am a kid at heart. I picked this book from my best friend and I couldn’t stop crying reading first three chapters and throughout afterwards. I am someone who admires kids but never feel like owing one. And I give myself pat on the back for my decision knowing this fact; there are people in this world that would go extra-mile to hurt their own kids. Like the way I happened to read about Gabriella.

Gabriella Harrison: A fragile and decent soul. She is someone you will fall in love with. She was born out of sheer unluck and her mother never left any moment to degrade her feelings with much wrath and disrespect. As per her mother, she wasn’t a good girl and she should have been dead rather than the pain she inflicted on her. Gabriella was hurt countless times and beaten badly every now and then by her devilish mother. She was abandoned when she turned ten years old. She lived all her childhood in pain and started picking up the broken pieces of heart while being at Convent. She made friends with Sisters and loved writing poetry and small stories. She called her diary of secrets a small Journal of her painful scars. How did she meet Joe? How her life turned upside down? How all her life she cursed herself for being such a bad person? How she had to give up her baby? How she had to make living out of her life? Everything has been so tragically written and happened with her that I believe, it shouldn’t happen with anyone else in this world. She raised her spirit up whenever a big jolt broke her into pieces. She geared up and faced life instead of giving up. I would say that’s what made Gabriella, an astoundingly amazing courageous woman amongst all of the characters I have known so far.

Joe: He was a priest. All his life, he was always made to believe that he caused miseries to others. He was good for nothing and he should have given up life long ago. He used to come to Convent for taking confessional sessions and that’s how Gabbie met Joe. They fell in love and they both knew they were not allowed to be with each other. They had different purpose to serve in this life. But they couldn’t fell out of love and started thinking about a different life. Joe commits suicide and abandons Gabbie like everybody else.

Eloise Harrison: She was a retard without an iota of doubt. She kept on beating Gabbie for long ten years. She never treated her own daughter like a human since the day she was born. Eloise never wanted to get pregnant but she gave birth to Gabbie. She had to take revenge of this out her own child. My heart goes out to such people who first give birth and treat their children worse than animals. Even animals are better than us. Eloise ruined Gabbie’s life. She looked for reasons to beat her all black and blue for no fault of her own. Such people shouldn’t exist and if they do, they shouldn’t be blessed with children.

John Harrison: Another coward in the house apart from Eloise. This man never stood for what’s right for his own child. He always saw his own daughter beaten by that ruthless witch. He never took stand for Gabbie. He always came closer but left without saying words. He always observed everything apparently but never did anything to rescue Gabbie. It was a heart-breaking moment knowing both her parents detested her up to such an extent that no one ever come ahead to save her from all this bullshit.

This book is beyond the concept of book. It has got the power to change your thoughts. It has got painful experiences along with courage of young woman who instead of facing downfalls at every step, stood for herself. Gabbie never gave up no matter what she had been through and for how many times. She finally had to let go of her horrifying past experience to make her future a better place to make memories. I am going to pick more books by Danielle Steel as this one has touched the strings of my heart and soul. It was such a teary-jerk for me to turn the next page and cry a bit more. I wish no one should come across something as pathetic as happened with Gabbie in her story. And if it does, I hope people are as courageous and unbeatable like Gabbie to deal with it.


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Reviewed By: Gurpreet Dhariwal

About Gurpreet Dhariwal: I am a free soul who likes to write about anything under the skin of the sky. I always believed in myself knowing if you trust yourself, you can definitely aim for the sky. I am the courage that I seek in others no matter what!